rise of iron exotic perks

New Exotics, Armor & Ornaments!

We saw a ton of new stuff in the stream and ViDoc today. Here are a few more gear updates we were able to glean from the stream:

First off, Bungie showed us a clip of the new SIVA themed Exotic Pulse Rifle first described in the Game Informer Article a few weeks back, and assuming nothing changes before launch it works as advertised. That is, on a Precision kill, a swarm of red SIVA bolts shoots out and seeks nearby enemies. This thing looks seriously fun to use, and probably can do a real number on groups of enemies because of Outlaw.

siva exotic pulse rifle

We also saw a ton of Ornamentation in play, and it looks like it has a pretty dramatic effect on the appearance of weapons and armor, although there are only a few effects that can be applied to each piece.

Next up, the new Nadir Machine Gun saw some action, an Exotic called Nemesis Star.

In addition to a view of the ornamentation options, we also got a glimpse of its perk table, which includes the following:

  • Barrel Mods: Accurized Ballistics, Field Choke, Linear Compensator
  • Spray and Play: Even with a 53 round magazine, the reload stat is incredibly low, so this is welcome.
  • Perfect Balance / Field Scout / Speed Reload: Judging by the Stability bar here, Field Scout is going to be the best option by far.
  • Nadir Signature Perk: Rangefinder as a background to the Nadir logo… that’s all we know.
  • Ornamentation: Gunmetal black & cool red/gray.

We also saw brief glimpses of Ornaments for the Monte Carlo and Hawkmoon.

Finally, Bungie delivered on the promise of new Sidearms, showcasing an Iron Banner Sidearm with mini-bayonet affixed (we’re assuming you can’t stab people with it though), as well as a snub-nosed New Monarchy Sidearm and a third, long barreled Sidearm with burstfire that we’re hoping is the Robocop-style Exotic that Game Informer described.

exotic sidearm


Okay, that’s all for now, Guardians! Were there any other new Weapons or Armor that you caught in the stream? Share your thoughts and impressions below!