rise of iron private matches

Private Matches & Supremacy Guide!

Private Matches are finally coming to Destiny’s Crucible!

Confirmed in today’s live stream, this news largely overshadows all of the other Rise of Iron information revealed, and rightly so!

As you can see here, the new Private Match menu gives Guardians a massive level of control, with potential settings including all current and previous Crucible Game Modes except Crimson Doubles and Sparrow Racing League. We can now play any game type on any map (provided all players own the DLC and are on the right console), with team sizes ranging from 1 to 6 on either side. Teams can even be unequal, meaning you could play 1v6, 5v2, or even go in solo – 1v0 – to study maps prior to a tournament or match.

In addition, we can also set Score and Time Limits, decide whether Light Level Advantages are enabled or not, and control the Time of Day on outdoor maps. Although it’s not pictured above, we’ll also be able to toggle vehicle spawns on or off on maps that support them.


Setting Up a Private Match

These matches will take place in special lobbies in Orbit. Once a leader has selected Private Match from the Crucible menu, players can join on them, switch teams by pressing L1/R1(PlayStation 4) or LB/RB(Xbox ONE) while in Orbit, and toggle between the Team (Match Team only) and Fireteam (entire Lobby) voice channels.

Players can switch voice channels during a match, but can also switch teams while the match is live. To do this, players must be alive in the match, enter Navigation Mode by pressing the Touchpad(PlayStation 4) or the View Button(Xbox ONE), use the D-Pad to view the Scoreboard, and hold Right on the D-Pad to switch teams.

To change Voice Channel while in a Private Match:

  1. Enter Navigation Mode by pressing the Touchpad(PlayStation 4) or the View Button(Xbox ONE).
  2. Use the D-Pad to view Voice Channel.
  3. Press Left on the D-Pad to enter the Fireteam Voice Channel.
  4. Press Right on the D-Pad to enter the Team Voice Channel.

One other neat feature is that the host’s Clan Name and tag will show up on screen, indicating that Clan as the host of the match. If you’re not in a clan, that will show up too, as a gentle nudge to head over to Bungie.net and look for one to join!


Advancement & Rewards

Private Matches will not be entirely without reward, which is better than many hoped. Players will earn loot in the post game rewards screen, although only Rare gear can be awarded. In addition, players can also earn progress toward Daily Crucible Bounties and Gunsmith Test Weapons! Finally, all players will be awarded 30 Crucible Reputation at the end of each such match, which is increased by the Crucible Champion perk found on Class Armor, but unaffected by Crucible Reputation Boosters.


As far as rewards and progression that won’t happen in Private Matches, Three of Coins will not be used up or reward Exotic Engrams from the game mode, and no progress can be made toward Quests, Record Books, or Weekly Bounties.


Requirements & Rules

There are some limitations to our powers, even with Private Matches. First, Heavy Ammo always spawns on the round immediately following the third win in an Elimination Private Match, regardless of the number of rounds set in the Game Options. Oh well!

More importantly, all players must have Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold memberships to participate. In addition, players must have purchased Rise of Iron to enjoy the Supremacy Game Types, or play on Floating Gardens, Icarus, Last Exit, or Skyline. On the bright side there, all players will have access to maps through The Taken King once Rise of Iron is released. Oh, and sorry Xbox! Icarus and Sector 618 are both Playstation Exclusive for Private Matches as of right now.

Finally, Private Matches must have between 1 and 12 players for team games, and 1 and 6 players for Free-For-All games. No team may exceed 6 players, although one team in a match may have 0 players.



Bungie is now officially supporting tournament play in Destiny, and has granted a license to conduct tournaments to all players, providing we play by the rules in their new Destiny Competition License document. Here are the highlights:


  • Compensation to Teams / Players for a single event is limited to $5000.
  • Compensation to Teams / Players for events hosted by a single individual / organization in 12 months limited to $10,000.
  • Hosts may charge entry fees, but compensation must equal or exceed the entry fees.


  • Competitive matches may be broadcast through any online platform, but not on Television.
  • Compensation from a platform to a broadcaster is limited to $50,000 for a given competition.
  • Spectators (online or in-person) may not be charged to watch, although they can donate or subscribe willingly.
  • Moderate your chat.


  • Mention and link the license, and make clear that you are not associated with Bungie.
  • Compensation Limits from the license apply.
  • Use the funds for the event – no keeping the money as a profit.

Advertising and Sponsorships

  • No gambling, pornography, alcohol, tobacco or cigarettes, firearms, or companies detrimental to Bungie’s business such as hackers, account sellers, or key sellers. No business related to those businesses either.

Bungie’s Rights

  • Bungie may choose to promote your competition and use the results as qualification for their own sponsored events.
  • Bungie can use any content related to your event in any way they wish.

Host a Good Game

  • Promote a good gaming experience, and make sure your rules do the same. Skill should be the determining factor in the outcomes of your games.
  • Don’t break any rules here or elsewhere. Don’t break any laws.
  • Bungie can revoke your license if you do.

There’s more to it, of course, but those are the main points – check out the full license if you’re interested in becoming a tournament organizer!


That’s everything there is to know about Private Matches right now, and wow, it’s a lot to take in! There’s already talk online about top Crucible players forming eSports teams, and they won’t be the only ones.

Are you planning to run a tournament or form a new competitive team? What experimental game modes are you most excited to setup and try with your friends?

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