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Destiny Lore: Eliksni

Welcome back, Guardians. In our last report we discussed the motivations and current whereabouts of Toland, the Shattered. This report will give background on the Eliksni and their purpose.

The Fallen are ruthless scavengers. There are hints of ancient nobility to the Fallen—the scars of lost grandeur. The Kells of their scattered Houses still claim to be royalty, but they leave only grief and wreckage in their wake.

They’re are a dangerous race, fast and agile, skilled in combat and supported by robotic allies. They have stolen and raided the ruins of civilization across the solar system.

Most Pre-City Age records indicate that the “Fallen” name is derived from humans around the time of the Collapse. 

Even our most basic Tower records show us that the Eliksni arrived during the wake of the Collapse, arriving to pillage our worlds and salvage lost technology that the survivors were forced to abandon in the wake of the onslaught of the Darkness. That being said, it’s important to note that some, or even all Fallen do not serve the Darkness directly. Their direct relationship with the Darkness as of present is currently unknown.

It’s entirely possible that, like the Cabal, they have no ties to it at all. Records recovered by the Cryptarchy dictate that some Eliksni have a respect for the Darkness, seeing it as a an entity worthy of praise, but perhaps not servitude. The question remains however, if the Eliksni did not arrive in our Solar System to destroy our Golden Age, why are they here, and why do they seek to capture lost Golden Age technologies? Through recovered logs and testimonials from differing individuals, we may have uncovered the answer.

The long history of the Fallen is not entirely known to us, but according to Variks, the Loyal, an Eliksni loyal to the deceased Queen of the Reef, the Eliksni did not come to our solar system to destroy us. According to Variks, the Eliksni were once a Traveler-supported species, much like the Harmony, Ammonites and our own race. However, much like what befell our own history, the Eliksni faced a “Great Whirlwind” which destroyed their “Golden Age” and scattered their fragile civilization.

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by pyrogina

Other records confirm this, stating that forces beyond the Eliksni’s control destroyed them and forced the Traveler to flee their system. The survivors of the Whirlwind banded together in their remaining houses and pursued the Traveler across the stars. After many centuries of pursuing the God of Light across the universe, they discovered it had settled in our system, in its current position in low orbit above Earth. This is where common knowledge of the race begins. The two greatest battles in City history, the Battle of Six Fronts and the Battle of Twilight Gap were both likely orchestrated by Fallen troops. Twilight Gap itself saw an alliance between three separate Houses who attempted to destroy us again. Due to heroics by Guardians you know all too well, the Forces of the City and Guardians were able to repel the attack and fracture the Fallen offensive.

fallen faction leader

Variks’ knowledge of the race stretches back much farther than our own records here in the Tower. We take most of our knowledge today from his own accounts and logs. The Eliksni were once a race of many noble houses, very few of which survived the Collapse. The only remaining are: Devils, Winter, Wolves, Kings, and Judgement (of which Variks is the only survivor.) The House of Exiles formed during the Fallen’s stay in our solar system and only reside on Luna, but still think of themselves as a noble house. We know of very few destroyed noble houses, but the few that we can name are: Rain, Scar and Stone. The houses of Scar and Stone we know only in name, but the House of Rain were philosophers and oracles; they are responsible for the “Kell of Kells” prophecy that caused our recent war with the House of Wolves and Skolas.

The Eliksni, even in their current state, have attempted to restore the lost glory of their ancestors and continue to take noble titles and be organized in mostly constant ways. With the exception of the House of Exiles, each House is headed by a Prime Servitor, which supplies the Fallen with their life force, their blood, Ether. This relationship is not currently understood by Tower Scholars, and I will not be touching on today. Under the Prime Servitor is the Archon and Kell.

The Archons are direct servants to the Primes, they serve as sorts of High Priests to the Primes, who the Fallen worship as Gods. The Kell is the Defacto leader of the rest House. While some Kells bow to the agenda of the Prime and Archon, others are more individualistic, some going as far as to completely disregard the directives of their Archon and Prime.

Why did the Eliksni attack our City? We know that they have come to our Solar System to pillage our lost worlds and recover technology from our Golden Age, but that is not their primary goal. As previously stated, the Eliksni were a Traveler-supported race, which eventually collapsed and forced to flee and began to pursue the Traveler across the universe.

The Traveler, or in Eliksni, “Great Machine” came to settle with Humanity. During the Collapse, the Eliksni rediscovered the God but were unable to reclaim it. That is why they are here, to reclaim what they once thought was theirs. They are to reclaim their “Great Machine” and retake the power of the Light from us.

While their story is tragic, do not allow yourself to be swayed from our cause, Guardian. The Eliksni see the remnants of our race and the City as an obstacle to reclaiming their “Great Machine.” They have killed more of our brothers and sisters and City residents than any other of our enemies, and have battled against us for centuries. Let this information guide your hand against them and send the remaining Houses back to whatever system they crawled out of.