Shield Brothers Nightfall Guide

Ready your Fusion Rifles, this week’s Nightfall comes locked and loaded with Arc Burn.

For more PvE action, Clash Course highlights are in!

The setting is Shield Brothers and it’s a doozy if you don’t know what’s around the corner. This week’s foray involves Arc Burn, Ironclad, Juggler, and Catapult.

Have something along the lines of a Fusion Rifle or Sniper handy (because you can switch between Arc and Solar damage). Those Cabals won’t stand a chance.

Throw in some Ironclad and you may feel inclined to use a higher caliber weapon. Ironclad makes most enemies have shields so the standard fare may not resonate without a change of tactics.

Speaking of weapons, the Juggler mod will only reward you with ammo for weapons you are not currently using. This encourages you to snap out of the chronic dependency you have on the Hand Cannon or the Affentheater (level up will ya?).

Exotics fare well as per usual but be sure to have a good rifle handy. You never know when death will rear its ugly head.

Finally there’s Catapult. It reduces the cooldown of player and enemy grenades. Great for the close combat orifices native to the Shield Brothers. Watch your six because it’s armed to blow!

Until next time, comrades, game on!