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PvP Legends: Xbox 4v4 Finals!

“No one who achieves success does so without the help of others.” – Alfred North Whitehead

BSK has competed in many tournaments, and most recently won our 4v4 PS4 championship. BSK’s competing squad had Luminosity48, x44matt, IDropz_Bodies, & Anbu. Together, their teamwork is undeniable. They defeated their opponents heroically, not losing a single series, and were each rewarded.

Here’s what they had to say about their FarCognitions Tournament victory:

“Winning the 4v4 tournament felt great because after all the practice we had done in the past, paid off.” – x44matt

“It’s always an amazing feeling. My first thoughts were, ‘It’s over…. its finally over..’. After playing in the tournament for 13 and a half hours, it was a relief to not only be done with it, but to take home the crown as well.” – Anbu

The PS4 Finals had thousands of viewers watching on Twitch. This was a fun occasion of rivalry, and we cheered the biggest names in Destiny, as they went head to head in private matches.

“We had a ton of people supporting us, even the other team.” – Anbu

“That’s what’s amazing about the our community in BSK; we have a plethora of supporters pushing us to the top.” – IDropz_Bodies

Looking back on the PS4 Final rounds, BSK had complete and utter confidence in their performance that day. In order to win, you have to act like winners. They were mentally prepared, not only as a tournament team, but as a family to bring home the win.

“There was nothing I would have changed. Everything we had was on point; communication, accuracy, position, sportsmanship – it was all on point. I felt like we couldn’t be beaten.” – Anbu

Now Xbox players are having a go at the Finals! On December 3rd, at 1 PM Eastern / 6 PM GMT / 3 AM AEDT, the PvP Legends 4v4 Xbox Finals will begin.

Check out the full roster here. Brackets will be available on Saturday. The competition will be intense and definitely a showdown you don’t want to miss.