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Widow’s Court Trials Tips

widow's court trials callouts



This is an exceptionally good map for snipers, long sightlines, weird angles, head glitches and lots of open areas for snipers to pick you off. Controlling orbs was relatively easy except against the most resilient teams who were able to res-push to prevent the snipe.

Common lanes: 

  • Top of A stairs to Main door of Church
  • Perch to Courtyard
  • Perch all the way down Top street
  • Trucks to Bottom street
  • Apartments across courtyard and to Church doorways
  • Gazebo to Top heavy
  • Top Heavy to the left of Castle, towards Beach

Sniping lanes which will catch even the most seasoned sniper off guard:

Widow's Court sniping lanes


Aggressive Tactics

In most cases this was mitigated by an effective sniper who was able to rotate and keep aggressive enemies at a distance, however with some teams it was exceptionally effective.

Bravo (top) – Get at least one teammate into Perch as quick as possible while your other teammates challenge straight over the wall by A stairs into Courtyard Alternatively you can use Apartments to your advantage for the same effect to push your enemies into Church; they are very quickly fighting on two fronts and stuck in a maze of walls and close quarter doorways.

Alpha (bottom) – The aim is to trap your enemies in A flag; this is best accomplished by throwing grenades up the stairs to prevent snipes and sending either 1 or 2 teammates down Top Street to flank, or through apartments for the same effect. Jump over the wall to avoid the chokepoint at the top of the stairs, but be aware this makes your escape very difficult if you need one.



Anyone who has been in a 1v3 ‘clutch’ situation will tell you it’s best to try and get all the enemies in front of you, and fight you 1 by 1. On this map it is exceptionally effective to keep enemies at a distance to fight them on your own terms by continually rotating round the map; you can frustrate your enemy by forcing them to chase you, and lead them into your snipe lanes, as opposed to challenging theirs.

This was an exceptionally useful tactic for prevent aggressive pushes. Eg. you were continually being pushed by front door of Church, you could rotate left towards Fountain, and continue Clockwise round the map until you reached A flag. Stopping to try and get snipes on following attackers, and to team-shoot unsuspecting and overconfident enemies who thought you were on the run.