“The Dawning” Begins December 13th

SRL is returning, permanently! The Dawning event will be our first look at SRL’s improvements since last year, and there will be many new additions to Destiny: Rise of Iron as well.

There will be gear & ornaments to earn, quests to complete, and consumables to transform your appearance. SRL will feature two new racing tracks, and be playable even after the event is over by way of private matches.

GameInformer also confirms that The Nexus, Will of Crota, and The Shadow Thief are being updated, and that Zavala will offer Strike bounties.

Strike Scoring is enabled when you play the SIVA Crisis playlist, Heroic SIVA Crisis playlist, and the weekly Nightfall. And while many of the strikes you’ll be playing will be familiar, Bungie is also revising and releasing three old favorites strikes, now with a SIVA theme; The Nexus, Will of Crota, and The Shadow Thief are all getting the reprised treatment.

  • Ornaments for Ice Breaker, Red Death, Thorn, The Last Word, and Black Spindle are confirmed.
  • New exotic quests are being introduced for Abbadon and Nova Mortis, the Solar & Void versions of Thunderlord.
  • Ice Breaker can drop when completing Zavala’s new Nightfall bounty.