Cold Front SMG Review | Dawning 2019

The Cold Front SMG is one of two exclusive weapon rewards for the 2019 Dawning event. The other is the previous year’s Solar Machine Gun, Avalanche.

TLDR; Cold Front destroys in PVP… if you can land all critical hits against aggressive shotgun pushers.

You can get this weapon by farming ingredients to bake cookies in your oven, turning those cookies in to their respective vendors, some of whom will return the favor by giving you a wrapped Gift Box. You then open this gift, which can randomly reward you Dawning weapons or materials.

Cold Front is one of two Legendary, Aggressive Sub-Machine Guns introduced into Destiny 2 since Forsaken’s launch back in September 2018. The other is Hard Truths, which you earn by completing Crucible matches and turning in tokens to Shaxx in the tower.

This weapon is a Kinetic primary, firing 750 rounds-per-minute. This particular archetype of SMG has a .67 time-to-kill in the Crucible without any perks to weapon damage. If that sounds too fast for a non-buffed primary, it’s because the weapon’s range is severely limited compared to both Precision and Adaptive Frame SMGs.

Range is this weapon’s greatest weakness. With damage drop off starting as close as 17 meters, you’ll be at a severe disadvantage against Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles, and other SMG frames.

Given its lightning fast TTK and limited range, Cold Front is best used as a defensive counter to overconfident shotgun rushers and Shoulder-Charging Titans. Find an angle and use your radar and other information sources to predict your enemies’ pushes.

Being aggressive with this weapon will see your KD/A plummet in most matches. A well rolled Mind Bender’s Ambition or any other Aggressive Frame shotgun (a popular choice in today’s sandbox) will kill you from as far as 9 to 10 meters out. If you do rush and survive the first shot, the follow up shot or melee attack after it will easily send you to your next respawn point.

My suggested perks:

Barrel Perks: Smallbore (PC, Console). The Aggressive Frame SMGs are known for a lack of Range and Stability. This helps both.

Ammo and Magazines: Accurized Rounds (PC), Steady Rounds (Console). Range remains a priority for mouse and keyboard, while Stability is generally the best option for players on Console.

Third Column: Feeding Frenzy (PC, Console) in first place, with Zen Moment a close second. Feeding Frenzy’s reload speed equals that of Outlaw without requiring a precision kill. Zen Moment is a nice bump to Stability and should be welcomed if your Cold Front rolls with it.

Fourth Column: Killclip (PC, Console). Killclip brings this weapon’s optimal TTK down to .5 seconds, which is kind of crazy. Great for both PVP and PVP. Vorpal Weapon can be fun for surprising unsuspecting Guardians in their Super.

Recommended Mods: Counterbalance, Icarus Grip, Back-up Mag.

Recommended Masterworks: Range (PC), Stability (Console).