Challenge of Elders Guide

challengers of elders guide

This Week’s Scoring Chart

Source Score Modifier
Non-Melee / Non-Grenade / Non-Precision / Non-Super Kill +25
Melee Kill +35
Grenade Kill +80
Precision Kill +45
Super Kill +50
Assist +25
Orb(s) Created +20
Boss Kill +500
Variks grows impatient… -50 / 45 seconds

Remember to double the points for each Kill / Modifier in the second round, and triple them in the third round. Also note that the points lost from Variks’ impatience are entirely negligible compared to the amount of points you’ll score during the 45 second intervals.




  • Grenades: Suppressor or Magnetic Grenade
  • Perks: Blessing of Light and all Orb generation
  • Exotics: The Armamentarium

Defenders are a great class for almost every Challenge. Suppressors are really handy here for taking down those annoying Majors that come with Keksis and Sylok, but then again so are Magnetic Grenades! Remember to make lots of Orbs and always throw your Grenade before popping a bubble – it’ll regen instantly, remember?


  • Grenades: Thermite or Incendiary Grenades
  • Perks: Simmering Flames, Fleetfire
  • Exotics: The Armamentarium

Once your super charges and you get Simmering Flames rolling, things are going to get real nasty. You’ll have a grenade in less than 5 seconds, no questions asked – chuck them as fast as you can and blow up all the things.


  • Grenades: Lightning Grenade, Pulse Grenade
  • Perks: Aftershocks, Amplify
  • Exotics: The Armamentarium

Strikers may not have bubbles or instant Grenade regen, but they can manage some really solid area control. Pulse Grenades do pretty well in open areas, but you can usually find a convenient wall to land a Lightning Grenade on if you look, and it hits just as hard here as it does in the Crucible.




  • Grenades: Scatter Grenade
  • Perks: The Hunger, Embrace the Void, Life Steal
  • Exotics: Nothing Manacles

All you need to know here is to keep throwing Grenades and punch anything that gets close (without killing it).

If you insist on understanding the details though – Nothing Manacles is what makes this Subclass arguably the best overall Subclass for the Grenades Challenge. You not only get a second Scatter Grenade, but your Grenades also get Tracking, which enables them to completely shred your enemies with ease. And thanks to Embrace the Void (bolstered by The Hunger), every kill recharges your Grenades that much faster resulting in endless Grenades! Life Steal means your melee not only recharges your Grenades, but also heals you on every Ability hit (not kill!), which gives you unmatched survivability in the sometimes hectic confines of the Prison.

Basically, just go nuts!


  • Grenades: Solar Grenade or Fusion Grenade
  • Perks: Song of Flame, Radiant Will, Touch of Flame, Solar Wind
  • Exotics: Sunbreakers, Starfire Protocol (Heart of the Praxic Fire)

We’ve built an awesome team player here. Your Solar Grenades can litter the landscape with fire, but Fusion Grenades are great for taking down Majors and bosses. When you’re going in with randoms or to just knock out your card, pick your grenade, equip the appropriate Exotic, and you’re all set – the perks are the same either way because both Sunbreakers and Starfire Protocol give you a second Grenade and the rest is all gravy.

Your main strategy here is clear adds until you can use Radiance in coordination with your teammates to enhance everyone’s recharges via Song of Flame. Radiant Will keeps your super running hot longer, and Solar Wind buys you space from aggressive enemies without burning them out for accidental melee kills. This is easily one of the best choices for this week’s Challenge, especially in terms of team play.

Team Player: If you’re putting some thought into your fireteam’s class choices, consider this: Heart of the Praxic Fire applies its buff both to you and your allies when you are in a Song of Flame Radiance effect. This results in even more grenades.


  • Grenades: Pulse Grenade or Storm Grenade
  • Perks: Rising Storm, Feedback, Perpetual Charge
  • Exotics: Alchemist’s Raiment

Like the other Warlock subclasses, Stormcaller is stupidly good this week. Alchemist’s Raiment gives you stupid potential Grenade energy. Unfortunately, the Subclass’s own Grenade Recharge perks will generally result in you getting a lot of subpar Melee Kills and diluting your score a bit – it can’t be helped, and you’ll throw a truckload of grenades to make up for it!




  • Grenades: Incendiary Grenade, Tripmine
  • Perks: Knife Juggler, Gambler’s Dagger, Scavenger
  • Exotics: Celestial Knighthawk, Young Ahamkara’s Spine

Everyone should know by now that landing a Throwing Knife Headshot kill stacks the melee and precision kill bonuses to generate the same number of points as a Grenade kill. While getting this is slightly more difficult than just chucking Grenades, you can more or less do it infinitely, which makes this class a real monster. Plus, Scavenger – just remember to grab some assists so you can pick up ammo and your Ability recharge is disgustingly fast.

Incendiary Grenades are fantastic when it comes to taking down groups of enemies, so those are my first recommendation. Add in Celestial Knighthawk and chuck your Super at the boss every time you clear the room to trigger the next wave. Alternatively, you could run double Tripmines, double Throwing Knives with Young Ahamkara’s Spine. I don’t know what also say about that, besides that it’s as awesome as it sounds.


  • Grenades: Voidwall
  • Perks: Lockdown, Black Hole, Snare, Predator
  • Exotics: Crest of Alpha Lupi

Tether and Smoke are great for slowing down enemies, and holding them in place to lay on the purple doom with your Grenades – or collecting Orb / Assist points while your fireteam does the same. Just make sure you’re not using Envenomed on your Smoke – you don’t want accidental Melee kills diluting your score!

Lockdown reinforces the slowdown and your AoE grenades, while Black Hole, Snare, and Predator are focused on making sure that your Super and Smoke get used to maximum effect. Oh, and it bears repeating – remember to grab some Assists in between grenades!

On the other hand, if you’re rolling with a Sunsinger or Defender, switch Lockdown to Light of the Pack to make extra orbs and build yourself a Super Grenade Train!


  • Grenades: Flux or Arcbolt Grenades
  • Perks: Escape Artist, Encore
  • Exotics: ATS/8 Tarantella / Mask of the Third Man

So this week isn’t really the Bladedancer’s cup of tea, but the stabby-stab keeps on coming anyway! Now I think we can all admit that this subclass has some of the weakest PVE grenades on the market. That said, if you spend most of your time in the Tarantella on top of Catapult, you’ll be able to toss quite a few of them. When you get your super up, guess what? Use that suck, Guardian! Super Kill + Melee Kill + Orb equals more points than Grenade Kills anyway, so go to town and don’t ever stop! If you have a second to throw on MotTM you can get an extra kill or two in, but it’s not a necessity.


There you have it – everything you need to know about how best to blow of the world in this week’s Challenge of Elders! So what subclass do you think is best? Are you using a strategy we missed? Let us know in the comments!