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Armsday Roll Recommendations

ARI-41: Roll 1

  1. Fitted Stock/Appended Magazine | Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel |Unflinching
  2. Hammer Forged/Feather Mag | Lightweight/Rifled Barrel | Focused Fire
  3. High Caliber Rounds/Appended Magazine | Lightweight/Injection Mold | Unflinching

Roll 1 here will give you around 80 Stability plus 30-some Range. Add in the SPO-28 and Unflinching, and you’ve got a great roll!

ARI-45: Roll 3

  1. Fitted Stock/Feather Mag | Snapshot/Rifled Barrel | Persistence
  2. Hammer Forged/Appended Mag | Single Point Sling/Injection Mold | Hidden Hand
  3. High Caliber Rounds/Feather Mag | Snapshot/Injection Mold | Persistence

Between the SPO-28 and Persistence, you should be landing every single round with this bad boy. The choice between Snapshot and Injection Mold is a great one to have (I’ll take the Stability and Handling buff, myself), and High Caliber Rounds makes your ultra-accurate shots truly punishing.

Tuonela SR4: Roll 2 or 3

  1. Icarus | Quickdraw/Smallbore | Grenadier/Danger Close
  2. Life Support | Extended mag/rifled barrel | Grenadier/Surrounded
  3. Life Support | Extended Mag/HLS | Army of One/Underdog

Hand-Laid Stock gives you perfect Stability on this gun, making it a pure laser beam with the Torch Scope on top. Life Support and Army of One are both there and will occasionally help you out, but the weapon otherwise rests very comfortably on its base stats.

Herja-D: Pass

  1. Army of One | Rodeo | Single Point Sling/Fitted Stock/Reinforced Barrel
  2. Glass Half Full | Unflinching | Snapshot/Fitted Stock/Reinforced Barrel
  3. Last Resort | Spray & Play | High Caliber Rounds/Speed Reload/Injection Mold

None of these are really worth talking about – move along, Pilgrim.

Eirene RR4: #3

  1. Army of One | Lightweight/Injection Mold | Unflinching/Last Resort
  2. Firefly | Single Point Sling/Injection Mold | Battle Runner/Eye of the Storm
  3. Firefly | Single Point Sling/Rifled Barrel | Unflinching/Mulligan

Roll 3’s not bad for PVP with Faucon, SPS, and Unflinching, but neither is it outstanding. Otherwise, hold onto your patience.



Lyudmila: Roll 2 for Desperation

  • CControl/rodeo/SPSling/fitted stock/injection mold

If you just want to get this package off your character and move on with your life, Roll 2 here is probably fairly functional. Rodeo + Injection Mold should give you enough Stability to at least have a chance at controlling the recoil, and Crowd Control is of course a top tier perk here.

Suros DIS-43: Roll 1

  • Perfect Balance/Appended Magazine | Rodeo | Snapshot/Hand-laid Stock

This super stable option gives you, well, options. Pick Appended Mag or Snapshot, and then take the other two Stability perks and you’re all set. 

DIS-47: Roll 1

  • Perfect Balance/Feather Mag | Outlaw | Single Point Sling/Hand-laid Stock

This is a great roll for this gun. I’d take SPS over HLS for that extra Strafe and Swap speed – totally worth it. Perfect Balance should be plenty of Stability, and Outlaw plays perfectly into the precision strategy this gun requires.

Aoife RUA-D: Roll 3 for PVP

  • Take a knee – performance bonus – perfect balance / quickdraw / braced frame

Rolls 1 and 3 are nearly identical, except that Quickdraw is better than Snapshot. Otherwise, this gun is basically perfect for its archetype. Low zoom Scout scope, check. Huge Accuracy boost from Take A Knee, check. Ammo management from Performance Bonus, check. Choice of bonus Stability or bonus handling, check! We have ourselves a winner!

Arminius-D: Roll 2 for Slayin  

  •  Crowd Control – Counterbalance – High Caliber Rounds/Speed Reload/Braced Frame

Well, sights aside this is a perfect roll. Crowd Control will get you so many multi-kills thanks to the combination of Counterbalance and Braced Frame, it’s not even funny. It’s just plain hilarious. Enjoy!

Zarinaea D: Roll 1

  •  Danger Close – Range Finder – Single Point Sling/Speed Reload/Braced Frame

Danger Close is nothing more than a handy notification that the blip around the corner is actually two blips, but SC Holo, Rangefinder, and Braced Frame make for one heck of an Auto Rifle! So much goodness this week!

PDX-41: Roll 2

  • High Caliber Rounds/Oiled Frame | Private Eye | Lightweight/Smallbore

So normally I would say “Private Eye? Oh, Traveler above, why? The humanity!” But on this gun… maybe. This could be a great sniper slayer roll, letting you land shots at range that you normally might struggle with. With HCR and the extra zoom, you can really punish those hard scopers – give it a try!


For Sale This Week

Tuonela SR4

PVP Rating: B

A balanced, easy-to-use weapon, this is a great way to get introduced to Scout Rifles if you don’t normally use them. It’s a fantastic and adaptable weapon in PVE, but generally a bit slow for competitive PVP players. That said, the ideal TTK is much easier to hit than with other Scouts, requiring only 2/4 headshots. Worth picking up if you don’t have a good one.

Kumakatok HC4

PVP Rating: A-B

The fast-firing Kumakatok has great base Stability and a solid perkset, including a chance to roll Luck in the Chamber and Smallbore (which takes the mag down to 6). With the new Accuracy buffs to low range Hand Cannons, this weapon has a new lease on lethality and I recommend grabbing it if you’ve passed before.


PVP Rating: S

The is one of the strongest and most reliable archetypes in the game right now. An Armsday clone of the well-known and very lethal Hawksaw, I can’t recommend it enough – these packages tend to disappear for long months, so don’t miss out!


PVP Rating: A

Mid Rate of Fire Pulse Rifles are very reliable and a solid introduction to the weapon type. They tend to be effective at mid-long range and are great for flinching Snipers and dealing major damage with every burst. However, they lack the competitive Time to Kill of the faster-firing archetypes and that keeps them from being a top tier choice for PVP.

Eirene RR4

PVP Rating: B

High impact and being an Armsday gun is what makes the Eirene package worth your while. Although it compares to 1kYS and Longbow Synthesis in much the same way that a dollar store squirt gun compares to a super soaker (they’ll both get you wet, but one of them is obviously better), it does get the job done. It’s particularly strong as a PVE weapon, where the weekly re-rolls can allow you to custom-design your perfect DPS machine.