XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Super Good Advice Yes
Legacy Gauntlet Engram 29
Ruin Wings Titan Any 13
Young Ahamkara’s Spine Hunter Gunslinger 13
Light Beyond Nemesis Warlock Any 13


Ruin Wings

For the Titan who likes to shuffle classes and is interested in his or her Heavy Weapons, Ruin Wings are hard to top. Retaining all the benefits of Y1, the perk Seeds of Ruin turns you into a walking arsenal of Heavy Weaponry. You’ll be rolling in Sword, Sleeper, Rocket, or Machine Gun ammunition, and picking up more every time you encounter a purple brick. This is a universally fantastic benefit and thus puts Ruin Wings squarely in the upper bracket for Titans.

In PvP, there is zero point to wearing these; the slight “bonus” to maximum Heavy Ammo that is effected by Seeds of Ruin can be replicated with the right auxiliary armor. Newbie Titans would do well to pick these up.

Try to get Sniper Reloader, and Paramuscular Armature if you re-roll.


Young Ahamkara’s Spine

An excellent choice. The Exotic perk grants you an extra tripmine grenade for your Gunslinger, and also lets your tripmines linger long after you throw them, allowing your Guardian to dictate the pace and direction of battle. With enough Discipline, you can get multiple tripmine grenades up at once, leading to some very interesting scenarios. To see success in the crucible, try tossing them behind sight lines to pre-emptively control a chokepoint.

In PvE, these lose their luster in situations which there’s no obvious walls or areas where enemies rush through; you’re left with the “extra” grenade, which quickly becomes redundant. Of course, if you’re patient and economical with your other weapons, managing to save up two grenades for a beastly foe (think Heroic Ogres in King’s Fall) can be a very viable strategy.


Light Beyond Nemesis

Light Beyond Nemesis is a subclass-neutral helm. Keeper of the Pack is going to be most useful in Trials.

There have been a few opportunities to snag this excellent Exotic, but an extra one never hurts. It is bar-none the safest and most team-forward Exotic in end-game PvE content. You’ll spawn an extra orb with your first kill in your Super state, and the overall cap for Nova Bomb, and the roaming Radiance/Stormtrance hops up by one too.

This translates to more Supers all around; in fact, two offensive Guardians running Keeper of the Pack Exotics will make a noticeable difference in your team’s Super output. Of course, this means it’s useless in solo content, hence why I can’t in good faith give it the universal S. Exotic helms are also prized in PvE for the ease with which one can score the most essential PvE perk there is: Inverse Shadow. Just a few glass needles should be all it takes to get a desirable roll.

In PvP, it is a top-tier Exotic for Trials of Osiris, Skirmish, and Salvage, benefiting its wearer with lightning-fast revives that many would argue are downright essential for momentum play.

If you’re twisting this for PvE, Inverse Shadow and Infusion are great perks. In PvP, Quintessence Transfer still procs on Guardians, so you can’t go wrong there.