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Armsday Weapon Perk Suggestions

Incoming Shipments

#2 – SUROS ARI-45 | Auto Rifle

  • Hammer Forged, Smallbore, Glass Half Full

We don’t have any options to fully address stability and make this Auto Rifle a laser, but Rank #2 will set this gun up with insane range with Hammer Forged and Smallbore. If you can control the recoil, this gun will be a beast with its already high aim assist and extremely competitive range. Glass Half Full’s benefits are seen more easily in PvE, but it doesn’t hurt either way. Overall, if you don’t want to wait for more stability perks next week, this isn’t a bad choice for this archetype of Auto Rifle.

#2 – Lyudmila-D | Pulse Rifle

  • Danger Close, Zen Moment, Speed Reload

Without a roll with Counterbalance, we’ll focus on PvE for the Lyudmila-D this week. Dnager Close comes in handy for faster reloads when dealing with adds in a fast-paced fight, and Zen Moment can help you burn a boss down in the raids or strikes. Speed Reload is a no-frills buff to reload speed to give you an extra boost in getting to the next clip. There aren’t many attractive rolls in this batch, so if you hold on to this package, look for Counterbalance and Hand-Laid Stock next week.

Any – Kumakatok HC4 | Hand Cannon

  1. Third Eye, Lightweight/Oiled Frame/Life Support, Eye of the storm
  2. Third Eye, Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel/Icarus, Underdog
  3. Zen Moment, Snapshot/Oiled Frame/Life Support, Eye of the storm

#2 is solid for PvP, as it addresses the gun’s range issues. Without a range buff, this is basically a glorified squirt gun that may or may not hit targets accurately from sneezing range. Reinforced Barrel helps to fix that, and Underdog will boost range even further when you inevitably take damage in the Crucible. Third Eye is a great perk for when you want to hold down a certain area in PvP or potentially PvE. Keep your sights aimed in at your choke point and your radar in your peripheral and you’ll be covered from all angles!

Any – SUROS DIS-43 | Scout Rifle

  1. High Caliber Rounds, Appended Magazine/Icarus/Snapshot, Hand-Laid Stock
  2. Fitted Stock, Oiled Frame/Partial Refund/Snapshot, Hand-Laid Stock
  3. High Caliber Rounds, Casket Mag/Triple Tap/Single Point Sling, Rifled Barrel

Unless your only priority is stability, wait until next week for more attractive rolls. In the meantime, Rank #2’s roll will require little to no recoil compensation with Fitted Stock and Hand-Laid Stock bumping stability up to insane levels. Partial Refund is the bummer here, especially considering there are perks like Hidden Hand, Spray and Play and Full Auto. Those are the perks you want to look for next week if you hold on to this package.

#3 – Strongbow-D | Shotgun

  • Final Round, Battle Runner, Rifled Barrel

This roll has a few perks that work for PvE and a few that work for PvP. Battle Runner and Final Round are the main attraction for PvE. The guaranteed extra damage of Final Round is optimal for its perk slot in most cases, and Battle Runner can turn you into a ninja, able to get in and out of combat faster than ever before. For PvP, Final Round comes in handy just as much as in PvE, but with Rifled Barrel, this gun will have competitive range to get maximum damage from further away.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
SUROS ARI-41 Auto Rifle Medium Stability (68)
Thesan FR4 Fusion Rifle High Stability (81)
Gaheris-D Hand Cannon Medium AA (80)
Uffern HC4 Hand Cannon Medium-High Stability (70)
Uzume RR4 Sniper Low Reload (75)

SUROS ARI-41 | Auto Rifle

This is another Monte Carlo style auto rifle coming in at a whopping 68 base stability. It’s range is about as low as we’ve seen at 17 though, so this gun will absolutely depend on range perks to have any use outside of close range PvP. Other than that, it has really high Aim Assistance (72) and decent reload speed (54), so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the rolls next week.

Thesan FR4 | Fusion Rifle

Here’s the winner – it’s a must-order this week! With 94 Impact and 81 Stability, you won’t even need to worry about perks. Of course, that doesn’t mean that perks can’t help it; this gun can benefit from range perks, and with the changes to fusion rifles, accuracy and range are huge factors in good fusion rifles. We’ll be curious to see what’s offered next week

Gaheris-D | Hand Cannon

This Hawkmoon archetype Hand Cannon will need help to fix its 23 base range, but with 80 Aim Assistance, we’re willing to hold out hope that we can make it work. This gun also has decent base stability and a very attractive Recoil Direction stat (something we don’t mention that often unless it’s really high). If you want a balanced Legendary Hand Cannon, this gun can be the answer to your problems as long as you don’t mind the small clip size of 7.

Uffern HC4 | Hand Cannon

This Omolon Hand Cannon, along with The Vanity from the Future War Cult, has a unique impact archetype, right below the highest but still higher than the Hawkmoon and Fatebringer. The gun will probably look and feel nice due to Omolon’s design and the base stability of 70, but we’re seriously worried about the low base range of 24. Hopefully there are some range perks offered next week.

Uzume RR4 | Sniper Rifle

This Sniper Rifle shares the impact/RoF class of the Eye of Sol, but it packs way more base stability at 58. In non-revive game modes, this is a great option for getting quick headshots or double tapping for body shot kills. We’ll be looking for something like Triple Tap or Zen Moment for PvE while hoping for a Faucon SS1 low-zoom scope for PvP.