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Armsday Weapon Perk Suggestions

Incoming Shipments #2 – SUROS ARI-45 | Auto Rifle Hammer Forged, Smallbore, Glass Half Full We don’t have any options to fully address stability and make this Auto Rifle a laser, but Rank #2 will set this gun up with insane range with Hammer Forged and Smallbore. If you can control the recoil, this gun will be a beast with its already high aim assist and extremely competitive range. Glass Half Full’s benefits are seen more easily in PvE, but it doesn’t hurt either way. Overall, if you don’t want to wait for more stability perks next week, this isn’t

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Armsday Perk Recommendations (Nov 25-29)

Published on: Nov 25, 2015 @ 07:35 Incoming Shipments #1 or #2 – Zarinaea-D | Auto Rifle Crowd Control, Counterbalance, High Caliber Rounds/Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel Army of One, Feeding Frenzy, Fitted Stock/Rifled Barrel This gun fires as fast as the Zhalo Supercell and sports some balanced stats. With stability of 60, reload speed of 65 and aim assistance of 60, this gun can work if you enjoy the impact archetype. #1 is perfect for PvP and #2’s roll is solid for PvE & PvP, although with the trash-clearing benefits of Feeding Frenzy and Army of One, take it into PvE first. Get