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Armsday Perk Recommendations (Nov 25-29)

Published on: Nov 25, 2015 @ 07:35

Incoming Shipments

#1 or #2 – Zarinaea-D | Auto Rifle

  • Crowd Control, Counterbalance, High Caliber Rounds/Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel
  • Army of One, Feeding Frenzy, Fitted Stock/Rifled Barrel

This gun fires as fast as the Zhalo Supercell and sports some balanced stats. With stability of 60, reload speed of 65 and aim assistance of 60, this gun can work if you enjoy the impact archetype.

#1 is perfect for PvP and #2’s roll is solid for PvE & PvP, although with the trash-clearing benefits of Feeding Frenzy and Army of One, take it into PvE first. Get kills on lower-ranked enemies to fill your cooldowns and activate Feeding Frenzy for a quick reload. In PvP, go for Rifled Barrel for competitive range, and in PvE, feel free to reach for Fitted Stock for the no-frills stability buff.

#2 or #3 – Kumakatok HC4 | Hand Cannon

  • Third Eye, Quickdraw/Reinforced Barrel, Icarus/Exhumed 
  • Mulligan, Snapshot/Injection Mold, Life Support/Eye of the Storm

Almost a Down and Doubt 00-0 clone, it’s got low Impact with decent stability and great aim assistance, but will see damage falloff because of the low Range.

It’s hard to pick a clear winner for these rolls, because honestly, none of these rolls are fantastic for either PvE or PvP. However, at least with Rank #3’s roll, you can get Mulligan and Life Support for some decent help in PvE. Life Support in particular may save your life in PvE, and Mulligan will save your bullets.

If you absolutely have to take this middling OMOLON HC into PvP, you’ll need to go for Rank #2’s roll. Reinforced Barrel is the only option this week that can pull this gun’s 15 range past squirt-gun territory, and Third Eye isn’t the worst perk for keeping you alive in the Crucible.

Otherwise, you can wait until next week for something better. OMOLON Handcannons have serious PvE potential, able to roll with perks like Firefly, Luck in the Chamber and Outlaw. These perks will work great for PvE, and we’d recommend waiting it out for one of them next week if you aren’t happy with this week’s offerings.

#3 – Strongbow-D | Shotgun

  • Army of One, Spray and Play, Lightweight/Hand-Loaded

Hey, look! A shotgun that works perfectly in PvE! Although this shotgun is destined for failure in the Crucible with its low impact and range, this roll can give us everything we want for trash clearing in PvE. Spray and Play is the perfect answer to reload speed after emptying your clip into Minions of the Darkness, and Army of One will work to add serious benefit to every kill, restoring your ability cooldowns. Lightweight will add some more valuable speed for PvE maneuvering, but Hand-Loaded is there for the no-frills benefit of range for those who don’t buy the hype on Agility.

#2 – SUROS JLB-42 | Rocket Launcher

  • Single-Point Sling, Tripod, Javelin

There isn’t quite a clear winner here, and if you don’t already have a good rocket launcher, we’d highly recommend waiting until next week for a better roll. Without Tracking or Grenades and Horseshoes, it’s just too much of a hassle to aim rocket launchers in today’s Destiny metagame, although you can manage without these perks in PvE.

In the meantime, if you want something to pair with The Taikonaut, which adds Tracking to any rocket launcher, Rank #2 is your pick. Single-Point Sling, Tripod and Javelin all point to reducing the time it takes to lay waste to your enemies in PvE, and in high-stakes content like Raids and Strikes, anything that can help you switch weapons faster or reload less is a blessing. Otherwise, wait until next week for something that can help your shots stay on target.

#2 – SUROS JLB-47 | Rocket Launcher

  • Flared Magwell, Spray and Play, Javelin

Despite the Gunsmith offering two different rocket launchers this week, out of six possible rolls, we didn’t get one roll with Grenades and Horseshoes or Tracking! While this would usually call for us to wait until next week, we’d like to recommend Rank #2’s roll as a great PvE option for those who can aim true without either of these perks. Spray and Play is a great PvE perk for those looking to deal sustained damage to a boss, and the combination of Flared Magwell and Javelin offer a bit of a boost to the gun’s already decent stats.


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
SUROS DIS-47 Scout Rifle Lowest Rate of Fire (52)
Tuonela SR4 Scout Rifle Low Stability (69)
Kumakatok HC4 Hand Cannon Medium AA (74)
Uffern HC4 Hand Cannon Medium-High Stability (70)
SUROS PDX-45 Pulse Rifle Low Reload (90)

SUROS DIS-47 | Scout Rifle

This gun gets a lot of love in the Destiny community for its ability to shoot so fast and roll with Full Auto. If you get a good roll on this gun, it can be a monster in both PvE and PvP. It also has good aim assistance, so it has huge potential in the Crucible, but we’ll be hoping for stability buffs to keep its quick shooting on target. We’d highly recommend ordering this gun, because if it rolls with Full Auto next week, you won’t want to miss out on it!

Tuonela SR4 | Scout Rifle

This Scout Rifle offers the Vision of Confluence Impact/RoF blend with great base stability of 69 and reload of 62. With a lower magazine of 13, this scout should fit comfortably in Crucible and Strikes, but we’ll be looking for some reload buffs next Wednesday.

Kumakatok HC4 | Hand Cannon

Next week, we’re hoping for the Gunsmith to offer something better for this gun. With a range of only 15, unless next week’s rolls fix the range, they will be limited again to PvE only. However, OMOLON offers us plenty of chances for Firefly and Triple Tap, so this gun could definitely shine in Strikes and questing situations.

Uffern HC4 | Hand Cannon

Uffern and The Vanity have a unique Impact archetype, right below the highest impact but still higher than the Hawkmoon and Fatebringer. The gun looks and feels nice due to Omolon’s design and the base stability of 70, but we’re seriously worried about the low base range of 24. Hopefully there will be some range perks offered next week.

SUROS PDX-45 | Pulse Rifle

This gun falls in the same Impact category as Hawksaw, but with more stability, reload and aim assistance. This is an absolute must-order for next week and probably always will be. There are a number of perk combinations that will work for this gun, but we’ll also be looking for a good scope. The gun has 22 base range, so we’ll definitely need a fix, but if we get a good roll next week, you can expect to see this gun everywhere in PvE and PvP alike.