Dust Palace Nightfall

Bring on the Dust Palace!


Solar Burn is a difficulty modifier normally relegated to Story Missions and Strikes. It greatly increases Solar damage from any source so be sure to apply your SPF 9000 sunscreen pretty liberally.

Brawler is an upper that will increase your melee damage. Feel free to whack the heck out of those Elite Legionaries provided you get the chance. If not, Psions should fit the bill just fine.

Ironclad is a modifier that will increase the number of enemies with shields. In cases like this, always remember that Snipers are your friend. Shields truly are a deterrent for fans of pistols, normally pretty inaccurate lest you be adept at gun craft. The tight corridors do placate their use but you’ll be spending most of your time out in the open.

Airborne is an upper that will increase the damage you deal when suspended. A great way to take advantage of this is to do a jump, toss-grenade maneuver whenever you feel an inkling to do so. All of the stairs and balconies in the Dust Palace play well into aerial gunfire. Great for fans of assault rifles.