april infusion update news

1:1 Infusion, Chroma Glows, Bigger Vault

Bungie revealed many of the new rewards in their latest live stream. This article will recap what we learned.



No more tricks to get that perfect screenshot, just change your settings to remove it entirely!



Chroma Glow

Today, Bungie unveiled the new Chroma Glow Shaders for armor and weapons in the new April Update. Chroma Glow will come in 4 colors (White, Yellow, Red, and Blue), and can be applied to all the new Faction Gear, as well as the new Spektar gear line. Chroma Glow will work independently from Armor Shaders, and each piece of gear is able to have it’s own Chroma Glow. You want a Yellow Chroma Glow Helmet, and White Gloves? Totally Possible.

Gear will drop with a random Chroma Glow color, but the color will be rerollable. So, if you have a helmet with White Chroma and would like a different color, you can change it for 100 glimmer. This reroll system will not change the stats of the gear (INT/DISC/STR), and will keep your current progression in unlocking the perk nodes.

You can acquire Chroma Glow from Sterling Treasure packages, or a random one by dismantling Spektar amor.


New Armor

It turns out the much speculated ‘Taken Shader’ isn’t a shader at all. It is a set of named Desolate we will be collecting for full effect. Once all the pieces of the Desolate armor have been acquired, we will unlock a new emote: The Taken Shiver.


Desolate Gear wasn’t the only gear shown on stream, however. Bungie revealed new sets of gear for Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy. You will not be able to purchase this gear through vendors. It must be collected through Faction Rank packages.


Updated Exotics

If you miss old-school weapons and gear, you’re in for a treat. Here’s what will return:

planet division but not really

Y1 Legendaries can drop from Legendary Engrams: 

  • Shadow Price
  • Universal Remote
  • Zombie Apocolypse
  • Y-09 Longbow Synthesis
  • LDR 5001
  • Lord High Fixer


Sterling Treasure Packages

Sterling Treasure packages will provide us with 1 guaranteed Chroma Gear drop, as well as 1 random drop that can contain a Ship, Class Item, Chroma Glow material, or a Faction Reputation boosting consumable.


Sterling Treasure can be acquired from Weekly Crucible playlist, from Variks for completing Prison of Elder’s Level 41, or from a guaranteed weekly package from the postmaster. Sterling Treasure is also available to purchase from Tess Eververse. Note: The gear dropped from the packages is Light Level 3, and can be infused up.


Progression Path to 335 Light

Last week Bungie revealed Challenge of Elders would drop 335 gear, but today they showed us all the paths we can take to achieve max Light Level; including how PvP minded players can hit 335 without grinding PvE modes.

  • Challenge of Elders Completion
  • Kings Fall Hard Mode Rewards (After Hotfix)
  • Iron Banner Post Match Drops
  • Court of Oryx 335 LL Artifacts
  • Trials of Osiris Awards
  • Exotic Engrams will Decrypy up to 335 LL
  • Strike Specific Gear

And now it will be easier than ever to level up due to the 1:1 Infusion system. No more guessing; now Infusion upgrades gear to the existing Light of the consumed item!


New Emotes

Gear wasn’t the only thing to notice during the Bungie fashion show. While the guardian models strutted around in their new attire, they also showed off a host of new moves, which will be available from the Eververse Kiosk. Bungie has been hard at work with their Motion Capture to bring us:

  • Club Dancing (Head Bobbing)
  • Sumo (A new wrestling inspired emote that requires a Partner)
  • Rude Taunting
  • Goodbye Waving
  • Mind Blown

Old emotes will still be available via a Winter 2015 package if you still haven’t had a chance to buy them.


More Vault Space


Where will we keep all this new loot? Well, Bungie will be giving us more Vault Space. They have added a page to the Weapon, Armor, and Items tabs at our kiosks.