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Armsday Perk Recommendations

Contributing Author: Alex R.

Incoming Shipments

#1 or 3 SUROS ARI-41

  1. Perfect balance/injection mold, speed reload/reinforced barrel, persistence
  2. High caliber rounds/casket mag, speed reload/hand laid stock, take a knee
  3. Fitted stock/oiled frame, lightweight/smallbore, glass half full

#1 will keep this weapon very stable, and #3 is good enough for the upcoming PvE update. Glass Half Full makes little difference in PvP, but the extra damage will be welcome in the Prison of Elders. You’ll end up with a primary that has solid stability and improved range to get the job done from an improved distance.

You know what today’s rolls need? More cowbell. I mean Range…gosh dang it… So anyway.

#3 Thesan FR4

  1. Replenish | Single Point Sling / Hand Laid Stock | Rangefinder / Danger Close
  2. Army of One | Snapshot / Oiled Frame | Life Support / Eye of the Storm
  3. Grenadier | Single Point Sling / Oiled Frame | Rangefinder / Eye of the Storm

 Braced Frame gives perfect stability with penalizing Range (bolt speed), and Accelerated Coils gives a slightly faster charge without requiring an additional bolt to strike – you want one of those at a bare minimum before grabbing this gun. This week, I’d keep your package in the box (wait for it).

While we have a couple of options this week with a few notable perks, it’s time to raise the bar for what constitutes a solid roll on our guns with the new PvE adventures that await us! Our wish list for the Thesan is as follows: Hot Swap, Accelerated Coils/Braced Frame, Rangefinder. Roll #1 gets close this week, but Replenish is a no-go! Hold on to this package and see what happens next week.

#1 or 2 Herja-D

  1. Crowd Control, Full Auto, Single Point Sling/Hand Loaded/Hand-Laid Stock
  2. Danger Close, Rangefinder, High Caliber Rounds/Hand Loaded/Hand-Laid Stock
  3. Glass Half Full, Full Auto, Single Point Sling/Fitted Stock/Reinforced Barrel

#1 is about as awesome as the Herja-D can get in PvE! This roll isn’t bad for PvP either, but Crowd Control can really shine when taking out multiple enemies at a time. I mean, we’re not saying you can’t do that in PvP. We believe in you.

#2’s Rangefinder somewhat counteracts HLS, and you need that Stability. LB Assault will also help push your range out further. One thing’s for sure: you don’t need the added kick from Full Auto to make this gun even harder to use, unless you want to end up like Lyudmila-D, living in a van down by the river!

Either way, Full Auto and Hand-Laid Stock make aiming a joke. Crowd Control’s damage buff makes a nice difference in PvE, and in general, Hakke Pulse Rifles are pretty cool with their firing sound and four-shot bursts. Pick this one up!


  1. Single Point Sling, Flared Magwell / Vacuum / Javelin, Snapshot
  2. Single Point Sling, Speed reload / Reactive Reload / Javelin, Quickdraw
  3. Heavy Payload, Flared Magwell / Vacuum / Javelin, Lightweight

How disappointing! So many undesirable perks this week on the JLB-47. Obviously, since you don’t want Vacuum on your Rocket Launcher, we’re going to recommend you wait until next week to try again with this one. Look for Grenades and Horseshoes and Tracking as your signals for a good roll as well as Javelin for a bonus to velocity.


  • Flared Magwell, Grenades and Horseshoes, Perfect Balance

While Perfect Balance is a joke on a Rocket Launcher, Grenades and Horseshoes is still worth it! Plus, Flared Magwell might come in handy once or twice a week when you need to reload quickly to take out a boss or incoming Crucible enemy. Plus, we’ve got Arc damage, which is less than common in Rocket Launchers! Overall, this is a solid roll to pick up this week.


Notable Rolls from Other Weapons

Suros PDX-45

  1. Perfect balance / Feather mag | Hidden hand | Snapshot / Smallbore

I mention this roll because I’ve seen some people recommending it based on have perfect Stability. I would recommend AGAINST purchasing it for two reasons. One: Range is a much bigger factor in consistently landing headshots with Pulse Rifles, and this gun has really lousy starting range; Smallbore doesn’t cut it even into mid range combat. Two: This gun’s recoil is minimal and easy to control, so you need more than one Stability perk the way a crazy person in the dark ages needed a hole in their head to drain dark humors.

Hakke Arminius-D

  • Crowd control / counterbalance / single point sling, speed reload, braced frame

Counterbalance + Braced Frame will crush the recoil beneath their unmoving boots, and LC Ranged should keep your reach long enough to threaten at mid range. Crowd Control is probably as good as you can get in that slot – just yesterday I dropped a triple down on a single mag thanks no doubt to the extra damage from that perk. Also thanks to all of them being distracted by my teammates until it was too late. Thanks, guys!

Omolon Uffern HC4

  • Third Eye | Extended Mag / Rifled Barrel | Outlaw / Surrounded

An outstanding roll for this gun, I would suggest this as a great pick for PVE and PVP alike. Third Eye is very handy when you spend a lot of time ADS – as one must with a hand cannon in PVP – and that ability is about to get a lot more useful in PVE as we return to the wild melees of the Court of Oryx and Prison of Elders. With enemies on all sides, this Uffern will ensure that you’re never surprised. Rifled Barrel is the only option in PVP, where you need the added range and accuracy, but I would use Extended Mag in PVE when fighting tends to be closer up. Outlaw is fine for PVP, though not as reliable as some reload perks, and a good choice in PVE as well. That said, PoE and CoO might just be the perfect arenas to finally benefit from the Surrounded damage bonus!

Omolon Uzume RR4

  • Void | Performance bonus / HCR, reinforced barrel / unflinching, shoot to loot

Snipers who find the constant pull of high aim assist annoying have a friend in the high rate of fire Uzume, which has almost none! Also included this week, a low zoom scope, extra ammo on headshots, and extra Flinch resistance! Wouldn’t you rather be hurt accidentally by someone you know, than on purpose by a stranger?


Next Week’s Orders

Weapon Type Impact Notable Stat
SUROS ARI-41 Auto Rifle Medium AA (72)
Zarinaea-D Auto Rifle


Medium Reload (65)
SUROS DIS-43 Scout Rifle Medium Range (77)
SUROS JLB-47 Rocket Launcher N/A Velocity (74)
Jingukogo-D Shotgun Medium RoF (23)


We saw this for sale last week too, and nothing has changed: it’s a solid if unexceptional choice and has all the the standard range, accuracy, and stability perks you would expect on a Suros perk table.

This is another Monte Carlo style auto rifle coming in at a whopping 68 base stability. Its range is about as low as we’ve seen at 17 though, so this gun will absolutely depend on range perks to have any use outside of close range PvP. Other than that, it has high Aim Assistance (72) and decent reload speed (54), so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the rolls next week.


A solid, easy to use choice, this is gun is best paired with a shotgun or sidearm and does well in mid range combat. It shares an archetype with Haakon’s Hatchet and the ARI-41, but starts with better range than either out of the box and has a variety of solid perk choices to boot.

This gun fires as fast as the Zhalo Supercell and sports some balanced stats. With stability of 60, reload speed of 65 and aim assistance of 60, this gun can work if you enjoy the impact archetype. We’ll want some more range next week, but reload speed could also make this gun fun in PvE.


A fine mid Rate of Fire Scout Rifle, the DIS-43 compares favorably with Tuonela, Hung Jury, and other weapons in its class. It brings a crazy 77 base range to the table, making headshots easy at any distance, but with only 48 Stability, Hand-Laid Stock makes a strong trade to balance it out.

This Scout Rifle falls in a Vision of Confluence archetype, and with a magazine size of 19, it should be great for PvE despite its stability issues.


Nearly perfect stats on this Rocket Launcher make it a strong choice for Trials of Osiris. When Grenades & Horseshoes rolls, it’s almost flawless, except for one little problem: the major downside is that it only picks up 2 Rockets per Heavy Ammo brick, even with Rocket Ammo Boots. You’ll need rocket ammo bonuses from a chest piece to get an extra Rocket – combo that with boots to get yourself up to 4 shots.


A strangely worthless weapon, this is the only legendary shotgun in the game that comes with only 3 rounds. I have no explanation for why, and no idea why you would want it – it has almost identical stats to and the same perk table as the Strongbow-D, which starts with 5 rounds in the mag.

This shotgun is no different than the Dead Orbit’s Patch-A, the Crucible Quartermaster’s The Next Big Thing or the Strongbow-D that we often see from the Gunsmith.