Xur Location and Inventory | 9/24 -9/28/2021

Greetings, Guardians. Hope you’re doing great. This week, Xur is hanging out at the Winding Cove area of the EDZ. Read on to see what’s in stock.

This week, for 29 Legendary Shards, Xur carries:


Merciless, an Exotic Fusion Rifle, has a bit of a history in this game. Once one of the best weapons you could be using for endgame PvE content, its star has fallen considerably, to the point where it’s now… still pretty good at clearing enemies, but outclassed. Conserve Momentum, Merciless’ Exotic Perk, shines against bosses and yellow mobs, lowering the charge time every time it doesn’t kill its target. Honestly, I still consider Merciless worth the pickup. It’s a fun gun to fire, and is still capable of massacring anything you point it at.

And for 23 Legendary Shards, Xur offers:

Apotheosis Veil

A throwback Exotic from Destiny 1, the Apotheosis Veil is a strictly meh Warlock Helmet. It’s Insatiable perk regenerates your health and abilities when you use your Super. It’s fine, but Warlocks aren’t exactly hurting for good Exotic armor, so I can’t recommend it.

Shinobu’s Vow

Shinobu’s Vow is a niche tool for Arcstriders. New Tricks gives an extra Skip Grenade charge and raises the damage of Skips a bit. If that sounds like it would be complementary to your Arcstrider playstyle, then great! If not, feel free to skip it.

Wormgod Caress

This wonderfully named Exotic armor piece is cool, what with Burning Fists rewarding you for punching by making your punches deal more, but you should already have it from doing Warmind story quests. If you didn’t do those, no big deal; they’re available this weekend.

Xur also carries an Exotic Engram, providing a random piece of Exotic armor for 97 Legendary Shards, along with the Exotic Quest “The Question.”

The Witch Queen DLC added Legendary weapons and armor to Xur’s weekly drops, at 50 Legendary Shards and 1000 Glimmer per item. They are:

See you next week!