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Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: June 26, 2015 @ 3:34

Xûr has arrived! What’s worth your hard-earned Strange Coins?



Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin
Red Death Pulse Rifle 23
Peregrine Greaves (152 INT) Titan Striker Boots 13
Crest of Alpha Lupi (150/158 STR) Hunter Any Chest 13
Heart of the Praxic Fire (144/152 DISC) Warlock Sunsinger Chest 13

You can also try your luck with the Exotic Helmet Engram!

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This is the pulse rifle to beat.

Check out how we place it in our PvP and PvE Exotic tier list, and we also have a full review for it – and that was even before the pulse rifle buff.

Should I buy it?

Red Death can be used to great success in both PvP and PvE, and landing your precision shots will reward you with a quick 2-burst kill.

It exists solely to dominate mid-range engagements where you can reliably land precision shots without the recoil and range affecting you. If you can consistently get precision shots with this weapon, you’re going to love it, because hits hard.

Our video review was published before the pulse rifle buff, so don’t let that dissuade you; even if you don’t like pulse rifles, you should give this one a shot.


  • Above Average: Impact, Reload Quickness
  • Below Average: Range, Stability

Notable Perks

  • Unflinching: It’s easier to aim under fire using this weapon.
  • Red Death: Each kill heals you and speeds up reloads.

[divider]Peregrine Greaves6121c660f96cb2b22dbc51ec41e5d19e

This is a less-than-average, usually underwhelming Exotic. However, if you’re lucky with Arc Burn and/or Brawler, it can lead to some very quick kills.


  • Heavy Weapon Ammo: Increases the amount of Heavy Weapon ammunition you can carry.
  • Peregrine Strike: Shoulder Charge deals bonus damage when activated in the air.

Should I buy it?

Shoulder Charge is already a one-hit kill in PvP in most situations. Thankfully, you’re at least left with pure Intellect if your knee tires of constant, deadening impacts. You’re going to want to be letting your frustration out early and often with Fist of Havoc, and Intellect is just the stat to help you do it.

[divider]Crest of Alpha Lupi731495d0adf06622480da269d1ffa4b9

This has always been a decent PvP chest piece, but since Trials, its usefulness has risen dramatically.

The roll is average at 150/158 Strength.


  • Special Weapon Ammo – Increases the amount of Special Weapon ammunition you can carry.
  • Hand Cannon Ammo – Increases the amount of Hand Cannon ammunition you can carry.
  • Keeper of the Pack – You revive fallen teammates faster, and they revive you faster. Your Super also spawns additional orbs for teammates.

Should I buy it?

Keeper of the Pack cuts the revive time by about .6 seconds, allowing you to revive fallen Guardians (or them to revive you) in just 1 second. The additional Orb generation it provides isn’tthe same all the time, but from Gunslinger testing, it produced just 1 extra.

If you do not play 3v3 PvP, or usually play by yourself in PvE, this isn’t the chest for you. Keeper of the Pack is medic-like and support orientated, so it’ll benefit your teammates more than it’ll benefit you specifically.

[divider]Heart of the Praxic Fire4b4547880ef4c84a995761459a0f2c71

It’s a good day to be a Sunsinger!

This chest has a below average roll of 144/152 Discipline.


  • Fusion Rifle Ammo – Increases the amount of Fusion Rifle ammunition you can carry.
  • Heavy Weapon Ammo – Increases the amount of Heavy Weapons ammunition you can carry.
  • Praise the Sun – Further decreases all ability cooldowns while Radiance is active.

Should I buy it?

Even with a lower roll, this is a must-buy. With the right skills selected, you can become an infinite grenade/scorch machine when Radiance is active. Which grenade type to use is really a personal preference, but the ability to completely deny areas with Solar grenades while using this armor is very useful in both PvP & PvE.

Add Song of Flame, Flame Shield, Radiant Will, and Gift of the Sun to really give you an edge. Furthermore, if you’re with another Sunsinger with this chest, Praise the Sun is affected by other Sunsingers’ Song of Flame.