age of triumph

Final Live Event, Releasing March 28th!


  • ALL of the Raids are being updated to current Light
  • Updated Vex Mythoclast to current Light
  • The entire Record Book does not need to be fully completed to claim the shirt
  • New rewards coming from all raids, including King’s Fall & WoTM
  • Featured Raids each week, new challenge modes, and Ornament Rewards
    • Crota’s End will be the first Featured Raid, followed by VoG
  • Every raid will have new ornamental armor
  • Light level isn’t being increased past 400
  • Record Book has pages for Crucible, Trials, Strikes, Raids, Collecting, Classes, Factions, & Seniority


13 pages! This Record Book will honor all types of Guardians.
Final Reward from the Record Book