Rise of Iron InfoDump

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson and Matt Miller interviewed Rise of Iron’s director Chris Barrett and executive producer Scott Taylor. This article has the important highlights. 

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Listen in if you want to learn a bit about a day in the life of a developer. Less yoga than you would think, more talking to a lot of people, brainstorming, and playtesting. Basically everyone there reads forums and plays the game, so they share many of our feelings, though time constraints and prioritizing the most important stuff is why we may not see X thing happen for awhile. 


  • Faction packages and Armsday orders will help push your Light level up.
  • In Patrol, Taken spawns will continue unchanged so those quests can still be completed. No word on SIVA related public events.
  • The new Strike playlists are: Heroic SIVA Crisis, SIVA Crisis, Taken War, Legacy. Weekly Heroics will work without buying Rise of Iron, you just won’t get new strikes.
  • Quests/bounties will not auto-complete as some of them did with Taken King.
  • Xur will be selling a rotating stock of Ornaments – sold for Silver Dust.
  • Radiant Treasure rewards can be converted to Silver Dust for use at Eververse, in addition to Xur’s Ornaments. 
    • Ornaments can also be obtained without any Silver Dust or real money.
    • Silver Dust will only be used to buy select items. Silver isn’t being replaced with it.
  • Thorn is unchanged and Bungie feels it’s relatively balanced.
  • No comment on whether hoarded exotic engrams will drop Year 3 Exotics. They aren’t saying how high they’ll decrypt at base levels, but higher than they do now.
    • PD recommends hanging on to Exotic Engrams (better safe than sorry).
  • Vendor inventory light level is being tuned right now. Here’s hoping it clears 335!
  • Three of Coins is unchanged.
  • Private Matches will progress your weapon grimoire and daily bounties. Quests and Weeklies cannot be completed there though.
  • Faction packages will give you a choice between armor, weapons, or Chroma gear.
  • There are lots of new Grimoire cards. In-game story will reveal a lot about the Iron Lords. In-game grimoire may happen in the future. 
  • What are the Exos? They are human consciousnesses downloaded into war machines built for a long ago conflict. 
  • No new Chroma gear, but old Chroma gear is still available. All Chroma colors can be bought from Eva!
  • Gunsmith weapons will get the new base vendor light level. No word about brand new weapons from the Gunsmith.  
  • Can we still get Year 2 Trials Armor? Nope. Get it before its gone! 
  • Will they ever be bringing old raids and content up to be more relevant? It’s still something they talk about, and may happen in 2017. 
  • New trophies/achievements.
  • Khvostov quest will be available day 1 if you can get the Weapon parts you need.
  • They can’t tell us anything about secret content that might be rolling out the week before Rise of Iron, but they’re excited about it.
  • There’s a cool unannounced secret in Felwinter Peak.
  • Finally, the launch time is confirmed as September 20th at 2 AM Pacific. 


That’s all for today, Guardians! Stay tuned for more updates as Rise of Iron approaches in less than 20 days!