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Massive Breakdown Podcast

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Massive Breakdown is the Destiny podcast that explains it all! Join hosts Mercules904, NKCougar, and Kyt_Kutcha as they turn their obsession with numbers and spreadsheets into a weekly audio geek out session like nothing else this side of Jupiter.

Breaking down the Breakdown

Drawing on personal experience and expertise as well as the combined wisdom of the community through constant review of Reddit SGA, Weapons Guides, and the many great Destiny content creators who have come before, the Destiny Massive Breakdown crew strives to rise above mere opinion and share a deeper understanding of game mechanics and practical game knowledge with Guardians everywhere.

Each weekly episode breaks down a new aspect of Destiny’s weapons and gear, as well as covering the latest updates from Bungie to keep your armory primed at all times. If you love theorycrafting, digging through the database, and hunting for those perfect rolls, this is the show for you.

Tune in every Wednesday morning to stay up-to-date on the latest Breakdowns – subscribers and social media follows occasionally may see the occasional episode drop late Tuesday as well, so get involved if you want early access!

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The MB Crew


mercKnown for the Massive Breakdown series of posts on Reddit, host Mercules has long been enamored with the inner workings of Destiny’s systems. Spending hours alone on the Last Rites mission has driven him to the point of madness, and the only thing keeping him sane has been the constant quest to “git gud” in the Crucible. Preferring the casual zones of Control and and sparks of Rift, Mercules enjoys long walks on the Frontier and a nice glass of whiskey (neat). One day he hopes to become a professional doer of things to do with Destiny, and patiently waits for that time to come. Stay up to date with his regular info bombs on Twitter and YouTube.


nkcNKCougar is the Crucible oriented third to the Massive Breakdown podcast, with the extensive experience that can only come from getting shot in the face by every gun Destiny offers. Along with this esteemed pedigree, he also does weekly reviews on Armsday rolls, sometimes even explaining the thought process that leads to his arbitrary ratings. A self-styled “scrub” who often has difficulty walking and shooting at the same time, Cougar brings to the table a voice reminiscent of a good caramel – smooth, sweet, and a (heaping) hint of salt.

His goals for Rise of Iron include becoming a top 100 Trials of Osiris player, placing in the top three in a competitive tournament, and remembering to plug his headset in before deciding it is broken and buying a new one (again).


AKA “Wait, aren’t you that Armsday guy?”

jonLifelong gamer, hardcore nerd, and recent convert to the FPS way of life, Kyt spends waaay too much time fooling around on Reddit, Youtube, and the PD database. Destiny is his first FPS since the original Halo, and he hasn’t been serious with another game since picking it up – honest! A PVE player at heart, but increasingly enamored of the Crucible, he’s also the leader of a small, tight-knit clan full of people just as weird and nerdy as he is, which only serves to validate his life choices. Stay tuned for more nerd love on Twitter and Twitch.

Embarrassing Trivia: A longtime fan of single player games, Kyt tried to pause Destiny during a firefight in his first story mission. It didn’t work.