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PvP Legends

PvP Legends is a new leaderboard that helps Guardians gain a deeper insight into their Crucible standings. You can research your opponents and analyze your own performance in the same place you find your news, reviews, weapon stats, and fireteams.

pvp legends leaderboard

Legends uses a variant of the standard Elo rating system, adapted for Destiny’s gameplay. The basic principles are as follows:

  • all players start with rating of 1200;
  • each match contributes to player’s rating;
  • winning a match raises rating, losing a match lowers it;
  • winning against more skilled opponents gives you more points

Physics professor Arpad Elo invented the system for chess games more than 50 years ago, and it remains the standard today. It’s applied to Destiny matches here using following algorithms:

For team-based matches, we first calculate a composite rating for each team. This considers each player’s rating and time played, plus extra points when one team has more players. Based on team ratings and match results, we transfer a pool of points from the losing team to the winning one. The system distributes points gained or lost among team members based on time spent in the match.

For free-for-all matches, we treat each pair of players as playing a separate match. At the end of the Rumble match, the player with highest score in each 1v1 “match” is a winner. The resulting change in rating for each player is a sum of all the changes from these 1v1 comparisons.


Key Features

All the important features Crucible players expect to see are available, and easy to use. This includes monthly and all-time leaderboards as well as ratings and stats for every player in the Crucible today. One unique option is the ability to search by clan, which creates a leaderboard where you and your friends can compete!

pvp legends clan rank

The individual player screens also stand out, with a quick summary of the player’s most recently active character, Combat Rating, K/D, load-out, and more. You can assess an opponent’s skill at a glance, or analyze your own choices and effectiveness. 

pvp legends kd

Below that are ratings across all game modes, defaulting to the current month’s performance. Even better, a clever visualization displays win percentage or K/D in a rolling 2 week window. It’s the perfect at-a-glance assessment of your own progress, and a good way to to see if an opponent is having an off week.

pvp legends rank

Finally, you can get really in-depth with the detailed match history that outlines your K/D and Assists, team performance, and the effect of each match on your Elo rating.