Preparing for April’s Update

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been excited to play more Destiny every day due to the excitement of a coming update – the April Update, to be exact. Even if PvP is your thing, there is a pretty good chance that Crucible fanatics and PvE players alike will be jumping into the Prison of Elders to get that fancy new gear.

While you wait, here are a few things you can do to prepare for the update so that by April 12th you’re ready to go:

Gather Plenty of Planetary Materials

With all that new gear, we’ll need plenty of materials to level it all up. If you find yourself sitting on 200 legendary marks for the time being, spend a few on planetary materials from the Vanguard Quartermaster. You’ll likely wind up with plenty of marks by the 12th even if you get rid of some now. Speaking of marks…

Have Some Legendary Marks Ready to Go

If we see some vendor refreshes or you do land yourself some new gear right away, legendary marks will come in handy. The last thing you want is to be forced to wait awhile before you can grind up some more. If you’re really hoping to stockpile, hang on to your Trials of Osiris bounties for the weekend before the 12th, then cash them in after you’ve done some spending.

Collect and Charge Runes

If you’re after those 335 light artifacts, you’ll be headed back to the Court of Oryx on the 12th. To minimize the grind, have some charged Runes in order to access the third tier of enemies right away – you’ll have that artifact in no time.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

It’s time to go through the vault, because I know you’ve been hanging on to a bunch of 300+ light pieces that you thought might one day be used for infusion but are now just taking up space. With the new infusion rule (a 1:1 ratio means the item being infused will immediately go up to the light level of the item used) there’s no longer a need to save up gear in order to bring a low item up to par. That being said, we are getting another page of vault space. If you’ve got a few guns with great rolls lying around and you’re wondering if the Crucible balances might make them amazing, it’s definitely worth it to hang on to them.


Of course, this might seem like a lot of extra work just to burn through new content. That’s fair! Sometimes the best way to appreciate new stuff is to take it slow, and we’re sure many people will. Happy grinding, Guardians.