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Crucible Radio Ep. 41 Recap


So You Still Haven’t Made It to the Lighthouse

One week until Destiny will receive a long-awaited refresh of content and gear! Even Crucible Radio can’t wait to jump back into the Prison of Elders – but until then, there are still Lighthouse runs to be made.

If you’ve been struggling to get to the Lighthouse or just want to up your Trials game, be sure to tune into this episode and check out some of these tips.


Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself

When terms like “end game” and “competitive” get thrown around in Destiny, it can sometimes present an air of elitism or at least only for the most dedicated. This makes the Lighthouse seem unattainable, but that’s far from accurate. In fact, many guardians get to the Lighthouse without a mastery of the Crucible or ranking high on the charts.

Taking some of the pressure off will allow the experience to be more relaxed and enjoyable. To do so, always keep in mind that, well, stuff happens. You might run into a popular streamer doing carries. You might have a player drop connection due to a power outage. Or, you might have 7 easy games that seem like a breeze. Anything can happen! Sometimes, even Trials can be a game of luck.


Learn From the Teams That Beat You

Losing is no fun, no doubt about it. It’s demoralizing having to start over on a ticket, but any time it happens, look at the loss as a moment to learn. If a team beats you, they might simply have better gunskill or some incredible skills with shadestep, but often times teams win based on communication and positioning. Pay close attention to their movement patterns and where they were standing when they killed you, then replicate those tactics during your next ticket.


Break Old Habits

Run after run, weekend and after weekend – bad habits can appear for all players of any skill level. The only way to avoid letting these habits affect your game is to constantly self-evaluate. On every death, a player should consider why it is they lost the engagement.

If habits are tough to identify, it might be worth it to play a few games using a different loadout or subclass. Do you play differently as a hunter or shotgunner? Are you staying out of harm’s way or dying more often? You can use these changes to reevaluate your main playstyle and improve upon it.


Don’t Ignore the Meta

You have a favorite weapon – we all do. It might not be the best gun in the game or what the tier-1 players are using, but you love it. That’s a really good thing, unless it’s causing a detriment to your play and your team’s success. The hard truth is, using any weapon that doesn’t perform as well as the best options is only putting yourself at a disadvantage. Consider sticking to the meta during Trials and playing with your favorite weapons during casual Control or Clash matches. Otherwise, the simple fact is, you’ll struggle against those good teams that typically end runs for many players.


Play With Other Players

Destiny has always been about playing with friends, and there’s no better feeling than achieving the ultimate victory and visiting the Lighthouse with best buds. Playing with a regular group is crucial; with familiar players, you’ll be able to mesh and communicate better than strangers would. But if you’re struggling to get to the Lighthouse, playing with some new friends can be a very rewarding and helpful experience. Everyone approaches the game in their own way, and some good habits and tricks will certainly rub off on you. Get a feel for other tactics thanks to the help of someone you don’t usually run with, then bring those skills back to your friends. Now you can play with your clan members but do even better!

Since its inception, the Trials of Osiris have caused a lot of tears, both in sadness and joy. The important thing to remember in any competition is to believe in yourself. It’s cheesy, but if you don’t have faith, there’s no way to succeed. You got this!

For more tips and tricks, be sure to tune into Crucible Radio every week!