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Poll: Enjoying The Dark Below?

Published on: Dec 18, 2014 @ 0:11

Our last poll revolved around vendor weapons, and which you’d like us to cover next. Unfortunately this has been delayed because of the new vendor weapons, which we’re going to make a corresponding article/video about.

Many of you have asked if we could review the Legendary weapons more in-depth, and I usually reply saying it’s difficult to do because of the random perks.

My plan for the article is to go through each of the perk options and analyze those, and then overview the base stats for each of the vendor weapons of X type.

top5assaultIt’s clear that most people would like our thoughts about the assault rifles, so we’re going to compile and analyze them into an article first, and then work on the video so we can try and show you gameplay with each of them.


Enjoying The Dark Below?

In this week’s poll I ask a simple question, with what might not be such simple answers.

The Dark Below expansion has obviously received praise, but of course there’s always the criticism that comes with that.

This poll is going to work best with additional comments in this article, as I can’t reliably provide the poll choices you could possibly be thinking of. To get your mind flowing, here’s a few of the criticisms:

  • Excluding non-Expansion owners from playing in a non-Expansion weekly when The Will of Crota is active.
  • Radiant materials are not plentiful enough.
  • There’s currently not much incentive to wear VoG gear, because vendor gear has better stats.
  • No benefits for people who’ve fully upgraded their Exotics, when ‘updating’ them from Xur.

DeeJ specifically replied to the Exotic Shard criticism saying,

Yeah, I’ll admit the Exotic shard reveal was messy. We (I) learn every day we support this game.

DeeJ also hinted that reputation will be more visible in the future,

Visibility of reputation values is something that our User Interface team is thinking about, so please do consider this to be something that will improve over time.

Those are of course only a few of the common criticisms, but I invite you all to let me know what you personally think about the expansion.

Do you think the points above are valid? What concerns do you have? If you could fix something, what would it be, and how would you fix it?

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This poll has very simple answers, but I hope you’ll have a more in-depth discussion about The Dark Below in this article’s comments!

The thing to always keep in mind is, that DeeJ wants to know the feedback you guys have, because he wants the game to keep getting better and better.

He’s admitted that he has “never played an MMO before” and needs the feedback from the community. Let’s give him some constructive feedback.