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Poll: Enjoying The Dark Below?

Published on: Dec 18, 2014 @ 0:11 Our last poll revolved around vendor weapons, and which you’d like us to cover next. Unfortunately this has been delayed because of the new vendor weapons, which we’re going to make a corresponding article/video about. Many of you have asked if we could review the Legendary weapons more in-depth, and I usually reply saying it’s difficult to do because of the random perks. My plan for the article is to go through each of the perk options and analyze those, and then overview the base stats for each of the vendor weapons of X type.

EVOLVING Necrochasm!

Published on: Nov 20, 2014 @ 2:54 This article may contain spoilers! Update: Bungie removed the rare version of Murmur; you can access the Legendary Murmur immediately after completing The Wakening. We touched on this already in our huge database dump article, but this article will focus on the brand new weapon upgrading mechanic in The Dark Below. We’ll also explain how Necrochasm will be obtained – it might surprise you! All of these items can be found in this article, as well as in our database. [divider]New Materials Before we talk about the newest materials that were recently added to the database, it’s worth

How to Access New Area on the Moon

Published on: Oct 12, 2014 @ 22:38 This article may contain spoilers! As we mentioned in our “In Other News” article, some new DLC areas have been revealed. These areas are obviously unfinished and bare, but they are cool to explore. The following video shows off the area, that’s likely part of the Dark Below expansion coming in December. Maybe an area for a mission or strike, or even the raid?[divider] The Dark Below secret location overview YouTube user Path Finder shows how he got to the secret area. And of course, there isn’t much to do in the unfinished area besides wander

How Destiny DLC and Exclusives Work Cross-gen

Gamescom brought a substantial amount of new info about Destiny, including new trailers and interviews. Still, with the all of the new boundaries that Destiny is pushing, Bungie has many questions left to answer. One of the subjects they have been talking more about are their earliest expansions, which are already available for pre-order and bundled with some editions of the game. The Dark Below The Dark Below is the first of the two DLCs announced for Destiny, the other being The House of Wolves. They are $19.99 individually or found together in the expansion pass, available for $34.99 or