PlanetDestiny DLC Giveaway!

Published on: Oct 8, 2014 @ 18:52

Update: The winners have been chosen!

In celebration of our upcoming rebrand to, we’re giving away Destiny DLC Expansion passes! We announced last week about the upcoming change, and this article talks much more about that.[divider]

The Giveawaydestiny dlc

We’re giving away a total of 7 DLC packs for our loyal supporters (that’s you)! We’ll be giving away 2 to our FB followers, 2 to our Twitter followers, 2 for our YouTube subscribers, and 1 for our forum community. The giveaway rules are really simple, which you can read below.

[divider]Start/End Date

You can officially enter this giveaway now by following the guidelines below. This giveaway ends on 10/31/14 and we will announce the winners on 10/31/14 as well.


Social Media (FB/Twitter)

  1. Like/Favorite the pinned post on our social media channels. FB post: [link] // Twitter post: [link]
  2. Share/Retweet that post.
  3. Comment on that post, letting us know which expansion pack you are most looking forward to. Dark Below or House of Wolves?

We will choose 4 random people, 2 from FB and 2 from Twitter, who have liked, shared, and commented on the pinned post.


  1. Thumbs up and share this video.
  2. Comment (anything) on that video, letting us know you’re interested in the giveaway.

We will choose 2 random people who’ve liked, shared, and commented on the video.


  1. You need to be a registered member with at least 25 posts.
  2. Comment on this topic, letting us know you’re interested in participating in this giveaway.

We’ll choose a random person that has replied to that topic, who meets the 25+ posts requirement.


  • How many total DLC packs are being given away?


  • Do I need to be a follower/subscriber/forum member to be eligible to win? Do I need to be all 3?

You need to be a member of where you’re commenting at. For example if you comment on our FB post, but haven’t liked the FB page, you will not be eligible. 

  • Will I have a chance at winning if I do not like/share/comment on at least 1 of the above-mentioned posts?


  • Does everyone who abides by the rules above have an equal chance at winning?


  • Can I increase my chances of winning by commenting at all 4 places (Twitter, FB, Forum, & YT)?

Yes, only 1 like/share/comment is required, but you have the option to like/share/comment at each location

  • What are the posts on Twitter/FB?

Feel free to comment on this article with any questions you’ve got.