Hidden Subclass Bonuses

Published on: Oct 8, 2014 @ 14:37

The following subclass upgrades also increase your class attributes slightly. For a complete guide to armor modifications, click here.[divider]

Subclass Bonuses


  • Better Control (Recovery +1)
  • Fleet Footed (Agility +1)


  • Circle of Life (Armor +1)
  • Over the Horizon (Recovery +1)


  • Increased Control (Agility +1)
  • Untouchable (Armor +1)


  • Headstrong (Agility +1)
  • Unstoppable (Armor +1)


  • Annihilate (Agility +1)
  • Angry Magic (Armor +1)


  • Flameshield (Armor +1)
  • Angel of Light (Agility +1)

[divider]Intellect, Discipline & Strength

In other armor related news, WikiGameGuides did some testing on the bonus effects of Intellect, Discipline and Strength, measuring how beneficial having a 100% bonus actually is. The video below shows how much a armor stat bonus will influence your skills.

If you’d like to know more about armor stats then check out this article, and for weapon stats click here.

Video: Breakdown: Intellect, Discipline and Strength

[divider]Armor Stats Explained

The total stat bonus on your armor for any given stat is translated into a percentage bonus. This percentage bonus caps at 100%, though it is possible to go beyond 100% in total across the three stats (for example, a 50% bonus from Discipline, Intellect, and Strength, or a 100% bonus from one stat and 50% from another).

Exactly how high can you get? That depends entirely on the quality and level of your armor. A full set of upgraded Legendary armor with an Exotic piece can get you quite a stat bump.

0% Bonus

  • Intellect (Super): 5:30
  • Discipline (Grenade): 1:00
  • Strength (Melee): 1:09

100% Bonus

  • Intellect (Super): 3:55
  • Twice as much Super Meter earned from kills
  • Discipline (Grenade): 0:27
  • Strength (Melee): 0:31