taken king year two exotic updates

Destiny Taken King: December Y2 Exotics

Published on: Nov 20, 2015 @ 12:42

The following Exotics are being added to the game, some old, some new, but they’ll all have a fresh coat of Y2 paint.

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Updated Y1 Exotics


MIDA Multi-Tool is really designed to fill a high mobility playstyle, but it can also easily fit into anyone’s loadout and be used successfully.

The MIDA has seen its share of upgrades, and has come out better because of them. It is an extremely fun weapon to use, and versatile to boot. Although it suffers from damage output problems, it more than compensates with its staggering rounds and unreal speed, both in movement and reload. You will never feel lost on the battlefield, even if you aren’t going to be wasting enemies in record numbers.


12237410_1028989213788354_1366615740_nThe Armamentarium makes a case for ‘best’ Titan Exotic by excelling equally in PvP and PvE. An additional grenade means you’re a walking armory, ready to throw some serious punches. Discipline fits the Striker’s build desire perfectly, and the ability to start the first round with two grenades could give your team an immediate edge with overwhelming AOE damage from multiple angles.

The perks are so great because they don’t limit you to a specific secondary weapon or particular grenade type, while giving the added bonus of holding more heavy ammo. The double grenade feature is especially beneficial to the Striker since they can crowd control with strong AoE Pulse or Lightning Grenades and disorient enemies with the Flashbang.


xur worth buying immoation fistsDragon’s Breath really feels like a middle ground between the Exotic rocket launchers, and honestly isn’t better overall than either of them. This weapon has a lot going for it, but its cons overshadow the pros. It takes some things from the other launchers like 3 in the tube and an effect after the initial explosion, but it lacks tracking which is invaluable for fighting tougher enemies. Its revamped Y2 perks and/or stats should make it more viable.


11313600_1528504274136162_1617355040_nPlan C is well-equipped for almost all PvE content. Its base stats and perfectly rounded perk profile lead to a weapon that is defined by its role in adapting to and dealing with any number of challenges. Its mobility, stability, and range, used in tandem with its signature perk make it the ideal archetypal Fusion Rifle. Moreover, mixing and matching perks doesn’t handicap it enough to force it into a single build.

If you’re using Plan C, look to manage your distance very consciously to keep engagements on your terms. Keep an eye out for over-eager shotguns, bait them into charging, and backpedal or strafe while unleashing burst after fatal burst. When using your Primary, be ready to switch at a moment’s notice to guarantee that quick burst damage on anyone in range. Above all, understand when to retreat and when you’re outmatched.


12277025_1010026539019636_788894796_nNothing Manacles restricts you to Scatter Gernades, but fortunately, Scatter Grenades are all you’ll ever need. Energy Projection allows for pinpoint throws, although Innervation is kind of a throwaway perk. Combine them with a helmet with Inverse Shadow for maximum benefit.

With two grenades at the start of any PvP match, Voidwalkers are able to apply significant pressure early on. The projectiles explode quickly, even when tracking, but when combined with Bloom have the potential to match even the Lightning Grenade for levels of sheer room-clearing glee! They’re best used in game modes such as Control where you can catch weakened foes and chain Bloom explosions for multi-kills. Consider it a mini-Nova Bomb in the right situations.


12120537_1050888854962536_848444812_nSuper Good Advice wasn’t appreciated in Year One because it was great at very specific things, but bad at a lot of other stuff. This weapon hits hard and has a very quick rate of fire, and with almost-unlimited ammo in certain situations, it’s bounty-free Y2 version might be a must-have.


12081064_1491803224454475_1329907320_nPeregrine Greaves are great in two situations: Super and Ram counter-play. A Striker using a Shoulder Charge on a Radiant Sunsinger, Arc Blade-wielding Bladedancer, or max-Armor Warlock with the Ram Exotic Helmet will be able to take down these deadly foes before they can wreak havoc on a vulnerable team.

However, as this mandates charging headfirst into their path, it also requires perfect timing and zero fear. Aside from the Exotic perk, extra Heavy Ammo and pure Intellect are positive arguments for its use as well. Again though, the Peregrine Greaves are only ever going to have niche utility, so make sure you’ve got a couple other standby Exotics.

12144302_1524944904491054_1408200012_nApotheosis Veil is one of those helms that can potentially save your life and turn around and engagement, equally useful in PvP and PvE, but its benefits might only come into play in a few situations. “Immediately regenerate health, melee and grenade energy upon activating your Super.”

If you’re low on health, you can pop your Super to obliterate anything nearby and let your goodies regenerate. As a Sunsinger, you can activate your Radiant Skin and regain your health before you even enter a fight.


12237573_478666028971514_413299360_nNo Land Beyond is hard to master, but if you’re skilled enough, you may actually enjoy using it! In PvE right now there’s no good reason to use this as your primary weapon, and December’s update should focus on ways to make it more deadly against minions.

In 2.0, NLB was hit with these improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where there were overlap/parallax issues in Sights during aim-down-sights view
  • Base Handling increased
  • The Master perk has an increased base precision damage bonus scalar (2.6x -> 3x)


Radiant Dance Machines are built around being more mobile while aiming. For a high mobility PvP build, they can be a solid choice for a Hunter that’s trying to avoid crossfire.

“The Dance” perk won’t give you a huge increase in speed, but it is helpful enough to build around. Your ADS movement speed will be almost doubled from what’s normal. Combine these boots with the MIDA Multi-Tool and high agility, and it’ll be like floating on air! If you want to further increase your speed, be sure to use the “Path Unknown” and “Way of the Drifter” talents.


Achlyophage Symbiote is easily one of the best Exotic helmets for a Gunslinger. Its unique perk that adds an additional Golden Gun shot is one of the most reliable ways to do more damage, and should usually result in at least 1 more kill in PvP.


11875408_516610971834476_1163401699_nHard Light has a very interesting effect on its wielder. It quickly grows on you, and is deadly in PvP once you’re able to master it, but worthless for PvE. Volatile Light is a neat idea with very little practical application, and the “coolness” factor of the weapon is almost a slap in the face for how little it has to actually offer.


12256806_187529181587719_119847615_nBones of Eao can be extremely fun to use when you’re looking to speed across the battlefield, or curious about that hard-to-reach ledge and what may lie beyond it – but for optimizing your build, they are not at or even near the top of the pack. Still, for an example of where the Bones are right at home, check out this wildly fun Crota Speed Run.

However, for PvP, traversing the environment is usually secondary to engaging its inhabitants, so the Bones are out-of-place in the Crucible.


New Y2 Exotics

12269770_786442051482632_190622529_nATS/8 Tarantella innately packs defense against Arc damage, and simultaneously improves the recharge speed of both Arc grenades and Arc Blade. For an offensive Bladedancer who wants to be able to sponge some otherwise deadly fire, it’s a perfect pick. If you’re not convinced, take a look at the last two perks, which provide additional defense against Arc burns, or just free Armor for a Bladedancer using them.

12230796_199636813703325_398709325_nTwilight Garrison introduces Destiny’s first in-air dodge mechanic. By pressing a button, the Titan will make a maneuver in mid-air to avoid incoming fire. While of only modest benefit in PvE, this will make the aerial Titans that grace our sky that much more annoying. With tricky skating, or outright air travel with Improved Lift, the Titan just got a lot harder to pin down. It’s also worth noting that as a piece of Chest Armor, this Exotic can roll one of the new damage reduction talents, to reduce incoming elemental damage of a certain type.