xur worth buying immoation fists

Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: Nov 20, 2015 @ 04:52


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Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Exotic Chest Engram No 19
Legacy Special Engram Maybe 31
Immolation Fists Titan Sunbreaker Yes 13
Don’t Touch Me Hunter Any Maybe 13
Claws of Ahamkara Warlock Any Maybe 13


Immolation Fists59ba2adf492fac4282397efc257a4f8e

  • 44 Intellect
  • 44 Strength

Great stat split for Subreakers. While their grenades aren’t terrible, Melting Point and Hammer of Sol are the best tools they have, so Int/Str is what you’d aim for anyway. In fact, according to the Armory, it’s all you can get, though if you got the high/low profile, you could roll up to 84 in either one of them.

Worth Buying?

These are currently one of the best Exotics available for the Sunbreaker. By adding Explosive Pyre, free of charge, you are freed up to select either Flameseeker or Fleetfire, both of which can improve your game substantially. The one-two punch of Flameseeker (Tracking for your Hammers, Agi+Rec) and Explosive Pyre is great for PvP, and even better for PvE. Titans should be looking to spread devastation with Hammer of Sol, and this Exotic allows you to do it that in EZMode, while not sacrificing two potentially great synergistic perks to do so. A tier.

Twist Fate? Yes

You’re guaranteed Rain Blows, and while Momentum Transfer/Impact Induction is a tossup depending on player preference, you’ll assuredly want a different Special Weapon reload perk than Sidearm. As always, I recommend aiming for Sniper; the rest of the perks are going to shake out reasonably enough.


Don’t Touch Me30716b390061555c88f30513551766f2

  • 70 Strength

You’re guaranteed some Strength on these, but it’s up to you if you think this high/low effective “pure” roll is worth having.

Worth Buying?

You’re not nearly as likely to get one-shot melee’d in the current game, so you’ll almost always get a practical use from the invisibility here. The key is that they still aren’t fantastic unless abusing Shadowjack, and the NS has far more reliable ways of going invisible with Smoke Bombs + SAGs.

Frankly no one really plays Gunslinger in PvE except with Celestial Nighthawk, so it’s not a smart Exotic for them. In essence, they’re more generally useful, with less specific dominance, which for me screams out mid-to-high B tier.

Twist Fate? Maybe

You’re going to have some measure of Strength no matter how you shake it, so your call is between the mid/mid and high/low roll profiles, and attempting to get a little Int out of it. If you have enough of that, what we’ve got is adequate.

Perkwise, they’re like the Immolation Fists in that you’re stuck with Switchblade, which you’re frankly going to likely go with over Impact Induction/Momentum Transfer anyway. PR Loader is a great Primary option, and Shotgun Loader may be more necessary with the slated December nerfs to Reload Speed – if you use them. Otherwise, I always say aim for Sniper Rifle Reload.


Claws of Ahamkara24e6fc20ba19ed4ea4f2539eef842fcd

  • 44 Discipline
  • 44 Strength

Worth Buying?

These universal Gauntlets are just flat-out good. The Warlock has never been at a loss for a potent melee, between the Voidwalker’s grenade-forward Energy Drain, Sunsinger’s Flame Shield, and now the scary powerful Thunderstrike. Getting a second melee charge that can be conserved for tough moments is extremely useful in PvE – but you will probably be smacking less in general for fear of losing it. These get the A tier in PvE for their sheer versatility. A strong innate perk with zero downsides.

Twist Fate? Maybe

This is another judgment call. Like IF/DTM, Snap Discharge is locked in, but Impact Induction and Momentum Transfer are arguably just as good. Again, your real dilemma is the Reload Perks. No one would deny that Hand Cannons can benefit heavily from a bump to Reload Speed, and with the exception of Quillum’s Terminus, Machine Guns are a very worthy target for a buff. Twist for your Reload perks for Gauntlets first, if there’s one lesson I can impart from this week’s rolls. Oh, and don’t buy a Chest Engram. You’ve got enough CoAL.