New Info in Game Master Magazine

In the July edition of Game Master, Destiny made the cover. With the press comes more juicy tidbits of news! The following will be minor compared to what we’ll see and find out in a week from now at E3.

01 - Hunter

The following was submitted by Reddit user AgriosEndendros:

  • Gear can reduce the recharge time of melee abilities such as shoulder charges and throwing knives.
  • The Hunter has “an emphasis on high damage from short and medium range.”
  • “Certain pieces of armour come with stat boosts, such as +3 Will or +2 Control. These stack across all your gear, and can do things like lower the recharge time of your powers or boost critical-hit damage.” Pete Parsons explains.
  • Class equipment decisions “are mainly cosmetic.”
  • Heavy weapons include “launchers, rail guns, and HMGs.”
  • Teammates entering the protective bubble of the Titan’s Ward of Dawn Super are given a temporary boost to their defence when they wander outside of it.
  • The Warlock’s Radiance Super makes his weapons more powerful for a time and can also have the effect of resurrecting Guardians after a fight.
  • If all the members of a squad perish at once then progress gets reset.


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