oryx challenge mode guide

King’s Fall Challenge Mode Guide

Each King’s Fall Challenge Mode has been unlocked. Oryx guide:

There’s no indication that you failed a challenge until the end, so if you don’t get the Calcified Fragment from your first Challenge mode kill, that means it wasn’t completed correctly.

If you’ve never completed the raid before, use this beginner’s guide to get you started.

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This may be the easiest of the three challenges, but it’s going to allow you to consistently get great loot.

The biggest thing to know: multiple Aura carriers! The same person can’t hold the aura for each phase or the challenge will fail, so make sure a new person has it for each damage cycle.

  • At least 1 weapon and Artifact is guaranteed on normal and hard, plus the Calcified Fragment on either difficulty (only 1 in total).
  • The emblem may only be dropping from the hard mode Challenge?
  • Unique perk on NM Artifacts
    • Taken Breaker: Melees have a chance to generate an Orb when killing a Taken enemy.
  • Unique perks on HM Artifacts; 3 have Imploder, 3 have Piercer.
    • Taken Imploder: Grenades have a chance to generate an Orb when killing a Taken enemy.
    • Taken Piercer: Precision kills against a Taken enemy have a chance to generate an Orb.

Normal Challenge Loot

  • 310 ATK Weapon

Hard Challenge Loot


  • 1 Calcified Fragment
  • Chance at an Exotic



(video guide)

The challenge: Each person must hold the Gaze before it expires.

After the first “Gaze’d” player has been holding the Gaze for about 15 seconds, another person in the group will need to take it by shooting Golgoroth in the back. At this point, 2 people have had the Gaze, but each fireteam member will need to hold it, so repeat this process; another person will take the Gaze until everyone’s held it once.

After each person has held the Gaze, let it expire on the last person who held it. The ‘1 Orb’ strategy works.


In addition to the Artifacts listed above, it appears you have a 100% chance to receive a pair of 310/320 Boots, Gauntlets, or a Chest (depending on difficulty), Devourer of Light emblem, chance at Exotics, and the Calcified Fragment.



(video guide)

All 16 Orbs need to be detonated at once. Essentially, 1-shot Oryx. It doesn’t matter if you die and there doesn’t need to be multiple runners. Since you’re going to save all the detonations until the end, kill the Ogres immediately.

To complete this feat, your group should set up as follows:

4 Plate Holders – These players are responsible for triggering the plates that generate platforms for the group runner, and will later be responsible for detonating Corrupted Light Bombs generated by the Light Eater Ogres spawned next to their respective plate.  These members will each jump onto their triggers counterclockwise from where there relic appears.  Jumpers should only land on their plate after the previous member is on.

1 Runner – This player is responsible for platforming over across the terrain generated when the plate holders secure their plates.  They will begin on the first plate counterclockwise from the relic and continue counterclockwise until securing the relic, which will allow them to steal the invincibility aura from the Vessel of Oryx.

1 Floater – This player will typically stay in the center of the map, helping kill Light Eater Ogres and clear enemies to help keep pressure off of the raid.

After the initial setup, your group should run the encounter as usual.  The only significant difference will be the emphasis on quickly killing the ogres.  To complete this challenge, making the Corrupted Light Bombs stack over several phases is crucial to allowing for a smooth detonation.

Upon your runner gaining the relic, your group should immediately collapse.  At this point there should only be one ogre remaining, which can be quickly dealt with by your group as they collapse to the middle of the area.  If you find your group is behind on ogres at this point, you may want to focus on ensuring you have consistent damage output.  I reiterate, controlling where the ogres die so that the Corrupted Light Bombs from future phases can stack on them is crucial.

From here, work on killing enemies and stay on the lookout for Oryx to slam his fist.  Several seconds after this slam, Oryx will reveal his chest, which is vulnerable to damage.  It is crucial that your raid focus damage on his chest at this point and cause him to stagger.

During the period that you would usually be detonating the bombs, instead, spend this time clearing enemies around the room.  Thralls will continue to spawn at each corner of the room and move toward the group.  Kill them to recharge supers and hopefully gain additional ammo.  Be mindful that Oryx will continue to fire his eye blasts at the raid, so stay close to the raid member holding the invincibility aura.  After 30-45 seconds, Oryx will “regain the favor of the Darkness” and move to the end of the arena to begin his Echo phase.  This phase works exactly as usual, but keep in mind that any surviving thralls from your collapse phase will begin working their way to the black dome Oryx generates to cause trouble for any players teleported inside.

Finally, on the 4th run, you can finally do the deed and send Oryx drifting to Saturn.  Your team will collapse, stagger Oryx, and kill enemies as normal, but this time the assigned members will move to detonate their orbs.  If you have killed the Light Eater Ogres properly, there should be 4 overlapping stacks of Corrupted Light Bombs beside each plate.  Detonate these as normally by standing within their radius until you see confirmation that you have detonated the bombs.

Be mindful that each bomb will generate its own message when detonating, and all sixteen bombs are required to reduce Oryx to zero health.  After a player has seen his/her detonation confirmation they should collapse to the invincibility aura and damage Oryx’s chest as normal.  If done properly, your team will need to rush to the end of the arena and stagger Oryx once more.


  • At the beginning of the encounter, stack near the center of the arena and allow all the thralls to move closer for the Nightstalker to easily tether them and provide your raid with a decent amount of orbs.
    • A Nightstalker’s bow can also be helpful during the Echo phase. This will temporarily suppress the Echo, delaying the slam and allowing your team to get in extra damage and reposition to better avoid the attack.
  • Defender Titans should help with Weapons of Light for Ogre damage, or Blessing of Light during the collapse or the Echo phase.
  • Black Spindle and/or Sleeper Simulant are excellent Ogre killers and should be taken into consideration when choosing your floater.


NM loot is 310, HM is 320 Light.

The new Exotic primary still hasn’t been unlocked. Might be time-gated.

Did you think the Challenge mode for King’s Fall started off too easy? Was your loot at least worth the trouble? Have any other tips for completing the raid?