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Why is No Land Beyond a Primary?

Published on: Jan 4, 2015 @ 14:26

Destiny’s expansion I Exotics haven’t been the most sought after Exotics, and for good reason.

Each of the new Exotics lacks something to make it really worthwhile. This article will focus specifically on No Land Beyond.

We have a fully upgraded review for this weapon as well.[divider]

No Land Beyond

Special weapons are generally used less than primary weapons, and for specific purposes when a primary isn’t your best choice.

Primary weapons of course are used more often, and are generally useful in most situations.

Weapons are chosen based on situations/circumstances. If you’re in an open area with enemies far away, you’ll probably want to use a sniper rifle. On a smaller map, you may want to use a shotgun rather than a scout rifle.

No Land Beyond doesn’t take advantage of the strengths of sniper rifles, and is a primary oddity. It doesn’t feel like a primary weapon, which makes using it a hassle.

no land beyond sniper

The Vex Mythoclast on the other hand is a primary fusion rifle, but it feels like a primary, and can easily be used in most situations. It’s got the properties of a scout rifle and an auto rifle, which naturally make it a fine choice as a primary weapon.

If it could be fired faster it may feel more like a hand cannon or scout rifle, but other than that, it doesn’t feel like a primary, and would be better served as a special weapon with Hip Fire replacing Primary Care.

What could have been a really fun weapon, is crippled by a low rate of fire and horrible ADS experience. If you’re skilled enough to master the weapon, you may enjoy using it in the Crucible though.

How do you guys feel about it being a heavy weapon? A guaranteed kill from body shots, but with much less ammo?