Keeping A Competition Healthy

With the first official PvP Legends Destiny 4v4 Tournament, presented by Farcognitions & Last Rites, there is a lot for the Destiny Community to prepare for. Anyone on PS4 is invited to participate, no fee or signup cost.

As November 12 creeps closer, let’s remember an important part of gaming. 

Gracious winning and gracious losing. Accept a loss, don’t dwell on it.”  – SirDimetrious (iAM)

“Sportsmanship gives respect to everyone, not just your team.” – WarBulletProof (God Squad I)

Without a doubt, sportsmanship is going to be a key factor that will play into what kind of environment all the leading competitors are surrounded by. Competitive Tournaments bring an extremely lively audience, verbal quarrels, and heated live chats, but once Shaxx has the last word, there’s no hard feelings. 

“People like superheros, but everyone loves a good villain. At the end of the day it’s all good fun.” – WTFisPoshy (God Squad I)

Some of the interviewees came clean about moments that are regrettable, but they’ve learned from past mistakes. Frustration and anger during the middle of the Crucible match should be focused objectively on bettering your Guardian in Destiny. 

“Yeah me and SirDimetrious have gone at it a few times. I lost my cool in front of thousands of viewers and just went off, but we are cool now. I joined iAM and we became friends.” – Extremizm (iAM)

“I get upset when I lose, but only for a bit. Take a quick look at what could’ve been done differently, calm down, and congratulate the other team.” – DodgeGG (Loyalty First)

This upcoming tournament will be a game-changer for everyone involved. It will allow well-known and not-so-well-known teams to showcase their undeniable teamwork, gameplay, and sportsmanship.

The 2nd Qualifier starts today, good luck!