Jason Jones Interview (Part 2)

Bungie co-founder and Destiny/Halo creator, Jason Jones, sat down with IGN’s  Ryan McCaffrey for an in-depth interview. He talks even more about his design philosophy, and we learn a little about his personal life and his son. When asked about how his son reacted to the violence and guns in Destiny, Jones said that “it’s not over the top or scary for him. I’m not ashamed of it.” Destiny will most likely get a Teen rating.

I think one of the most important attributes a designer can have is…not only the ability, but almost the unconscious constant experience of putting yourself in other people’s heads and watching them as they have an experience. Building an experience through the eyes of someone else is incredibly challenging. I think that’s what makes great designers. A bunch of my meta-points that I’ve drawn out over the last 20 years are about that, how you put yourself in other people’s shoes.

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Check out the full interview here.

This is Part 2 of a three-part interview. Part 3 will be released July 9th.