Jason Jones Interview (Part 1)

Happy Bungie Day everyone!

Jason Jones, known for being recluse when it comes to media, sat down with IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey for an in-depth interview. Jason talks about his design philosophy and his vision for Destiny.


My job is to take those things [people at Bungie are working on] and bend them in the right direction. Even if they’re not running in the game yet, even if they’re still on paper, even if it’s still an idea in somebody’s head…

So anyway, my typical day is to be thinking about that as soon as I wake up, and when I come in to work, start to figure out how to work with those people, whether it’s via email or in face to face conversations or getting ready for some meeting where I’m going to present my version of where we should go. But it’s all people, and it’s all ideas all day. There really isn’t any kind of structure, if that makes sense.

My ideal thing is that the game would get built without me. I think that’s super important, because then what I’m able to do is be in a position where I can look at how it’s coming together and change the pieces that I believe need changing. Does that make sense? As soon as I’m on the hook for actually putting in the screws, actually making some system work, then I lose sight of that.

Check out the full interview here.


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This is Part 1 of a three-part interview. Part 2 will be released July 8th, and part 3 on July 9th.