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Fate of All Fools FAQ

Published on: Sep 13, 2015 @ 22:45

We’ve all been curious about the utterly unique “Fate of All Fools” ever since it was handed out to one deserving Guardian months ago. The Scout Rifle had an intriguing perk, a solid range of stats, and the potential to be a worthy Exotic Primary, but we didn’t have any concrete data to confirm or deny that it was anything more than a novelty that was scrapped before it could be released to the public.

Now, with the arrival of the nearly-identical The Jade Rabbit, we know that Bungie wants to send the archetype into the field to be battle-tested. If you’re ready for the infinite ammo/never reload potential of this new Exotic, keep reading!

Patrick Casey was graciously given the opportunity by Bkbunny87 to shareplay to give the Fate of All Fools a spin,  and he’s outlined how its perks function, and the general feel and strengths of the weapon in PvP in a video for our channel. This FAQ is going to highlight a couple of the points he made, as well as clear up any confusion about its availability, etc.


“Will I be able to get the Fate of all Fools?”

Yes! Well, sort of. Although it’s very unlikely that the original FoAF will be released in its earliest iteration, Playstation owners will have a chance to try out its unique perkset with The Jade Rabbit, an Exotic Scout Rifle that co-opted the base FoAF model, and will be available come TTK. Xbox users will unfortunately not get a chance until Year 2 PSN-exclusives are made available. The Jade Rabbit has its own design, and a couple of stat tweaks – most notably a much smaller magazine – but is largely unchanged from the original model.

jade rabbit exotic scout rifle
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“But what about the cool look? You’re telling me I can’t ever hold that in my hands?”

It actually looks like the Exotic Pulse Rifle, No Time To Explain, will be almost identical in aesthetic design to the current Fate of All Fools. Though it won’t perform the same, you’ll have both halves of the FoAF package if you manage to acquire both The Jade Rabbit and No Time To Explain.

fate of all fools art

“How does it do in PvP?”

That always depends on your skill. It does 73 damage on a headshot, and 49 on a body shot. This means you’ll be able to kill any Guardian with three headshots, and lightly-armored ones with two headshots and a body shot. Of course, the fire rate is a little on the lower end, so you’ll have to be very precise with your bullets. It’s a Scout Rifle, and thus does best with a little room to breathe.

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Since Shotguns have been nerf’d, and Thorn is no longer such a nuisance, Scout Rifles are definitely getting a chance to show their stuff, so you may find The Jade Rabbit to be very useful in PvP.

“How does that perk work?”

“The Fate of All Fools” perk increases the damage of the next precision shot relative to the amount of consecutive body hits landed. Each body shot adds 9% extra damage to the eventual precision strike, and this effect can stack additively up to four times, for a total of 36% bonus damage. What’s more, following a body shot, any precision shot will immediately refill the magazine. As of the current FoAF design, there is no time limit or window in which you must accomplish these feats, which makes the perk extremely useful for both ammo management and making the most of missing the head. Your damage will still be stronger if you consecutively land headshots, but conserving ammunition is just as important for prolonged engagements.


“Is anything going to change?”

It’s possible. Bungie has been known to fine-tune and tweak wild-card perks before the weapons they are attached to reach Guardian hands. The Jade Rabbit, without Extended Mag, has only 7 rounds in the magazine, which is quite a difference from FoAF’s 13, and may function as a limiting mechanism that Bungie saw as a necessary addition before we get to try it out. Additionally, the Fate Of All Fools featured Solar damage, which we currently understand to be absent from The Jade Rabbit. These two changes might be enough to prevent this weapon from being overpowered, and thus ensure it doesn’t get another re-balance before The Taken King.


“Anything else?”

There’s a curious bug that shows Fate Of All Fools kills in the Crucible with the Pulse Rifle icon. This is a simple visual error that will probably be patched before The (usable) Jade Rabbit arrives.

If you’re curious to find out how that one Guardian received the original Fate of All Fools a while back,  you can check out this Reddit thread detailing the special circumstances that prompted Bungie’s generosity. For more news, check out our Dead Ghost guide.

That about does it for this weapon! If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, please post it in the comments and we’ll try to respond as soon as we can. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think of FoAF’s replacement, The Jade Rabbit, and if you’re excited to get your hands on it!