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Fate of All Fools FAQ

Published on: Sep 13, 2015 @ 22:45 We’ve all been curious about the utterly unique “Fate of All Fools” ever since it was handed out to one deserving Guardian months ago. The Scout Rifle had an intriguing perk, a solid range of stats, and the potential to be a worthy Exotic Primary, but we didn’t have any concrete data to confirm or deny that it was anything more than a novelty that was scrapped before it could be released to the public. Now, with the arrival of the nearly-identical The Jade Rabbit, we know that Bungie wants to send the

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Fate of All Fools & 347 Vesta Dynasty

Even though 1 person has the Fate of All Fools, and there’s been many rumors about 347 Vesta Dynasty, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to access these weapons anytime soon – if ever. Check out the 9 minute/21 second mark for details: […] Those are just things that are in the data files that we didn’t ship with the House of Wolves; they’re not there for you to go look for. [divider] Will these weapons be introduced in the future? Maybe. 347 certainly seems like it’s ready to go. Currently only 1 person has access to FoAF, you

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First Look: Fate of All Fools!

Bkbunny87 took to Reddit today to share that her husband received the Exotic Fate of All Fools scout rifle from DeeJ! Yesterday I had a post talking about my husband and his Doctor recommending Destiny to serve as a form of physical therapy for him following several brain surgeries. This community was amazing, and raid groups are being organized for him out of all the people who offered to help him. But just as amazing, Deej contacted me and has sent my husband a care package from Bungie that is on the way. Then this morning, a message from Deej told