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The Story Behind Eris Morn

Published on: Dec 27, 2014 @ 9:45

While many of the missions that Eris gives you are seemingly cut and dry, there is much that she doesn’t tell you.

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The story of Eris begins before your own, when many Guardians attempted to reclaim the Moon only to face the full wrath of Crota, the Son of Oryx. Eris, a veteran of the horrific battle of the Twilight Gap, tried to kill Crota with her fireteam.

Eris Morn and her team went down into Crota’s lair by way of the Temple of Crota.

Humanity chose to give up the Moon to the Hive, and many of Eris’ fireteam members fell to the Hive commanders.

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A Titan named Vell Tarlowe was killed and his Ghost was taken by the Wizard Verok.

Sai Mota, the Hunter of the fireteam, was killed by Omnigul while trying to escape using the bones of Acolytes she felled.

Omar Agah was essentially tortured by the Heart of Crota, screaming as his Light was used to feed the freshly spawned Hive.

Eriana-3, the Warlock, discovered the name of Crota after torturing and interrogating a Wizard, and while her fate is never explicitly stated, it is assumed that she died in an act of bravery, attempting to avenge the Guardians that fell.

For years, Eris wandered around in the darkness, and has returned to the Tower despite the Speaker and Commander Zavala distrusting her, thinking that she has been corrupted.

Toland the Shattered taught Eris how to survive among the Hive, and while he sought to end the Hive as much as any other Guardian, he also had an intense desire to learn from them.

The song is death. To hear it is to die. To know the words is mortal. Oh, good point, Eriana, death is just a word, isn’t it? A catch-all term for the failure to go on, nothing spiritual, nothing with its own quiddity. We all died once, and it did not prove insurmountable.

Perhaps they know a way to make themselves part of the song, part of something vast and burning that rots and peels into ash but never ever ends. Perhaps She has engineered this for Him, and pinned His power up against the quiddity of death itself.

I am so terribly curious to know.

Ikora Rey shares none of her comrade’s concerns though, as Eris is one of her Hidden, a group of Guardians who infiltrate enemy strongholds to obtain information for the Warlocks.

This time, Eris returns to bring word that the Hive intend to take Earth, with Omnigul leading the Hive by attempting to take Rasputin, the last Warmind who sacrificed much of humanity in the Golden Age to preserve what he can.

Unfortunately, Rasputin is less than cooperative with what is left of humanity, yet he still fights to protect it. As such, Eris tells you to go through and dismantle much of the Hive’s command on Earth through her missions, culminating in you eventually killing Omnigul herself.

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Eris tasks brave Guardians to taint a Hive ritual to an even higher god of the Hive, Oryx. As such, Ikora ponders whether Crota is merely the youngest in the Hive pantheon or whether he is the very apex of Hive power.

Although Crota’s presence siphons Light, Guardians are able to use the Chalice of Light and use the dying Light of Eris Morn’s dead compatriots (Eriana, Omar, Sai, Vell, and Toland) to overpower Crota.

Crota represents a distinct class of Hive entities, not resident in our material world. Crota’s ‘home’ is a universe created or remade by his power and occupied by Hive organisms of immense age.

Ikora believes that the realm that Crota resides in, and the Hive that inhabit it, are incredibly old. There is the possibility that the Vex gate systems and such Hive dimensions are related to each other.

The nature and possible interrelationship of the Vex gate system with Hive netherworlds remains unexplored.