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The Story Behind Eris Morn

Published on: Dec 27, 2014 @ 9:45 While many of the missions that Eris gives you are seemingly cut and dry, there is much that she doesn’t tell you. If you’d like to read all of The Dark Below Grimoire, click here.[divider] The story of Eris begins before your own, when many Guardians attempted to reclaim the Moon only to face the full wrath of Crota, the Son of Oryx. Eris, a veteran of the horrific battle of the Twilight Gap, tried to kill Crota with her fireteam. Eris Morn and her team went down into Crota’s lair by way of the Temple of

Lore: The Vex

Unfortunately much of the game’s lore is hidden within the Grimoire cards. Thanks to Reddit user KentsFood, he’s compiled information & lore about the Vex (mostly from the Grimoire), which you can read below.[divider] Overview The Vex are architects of ancient and complex structures on Venus and Mercury. Linked by a data network unlike any on Earth, they operate in unison, directed by a single unfathomable purpose. Vex Programming: Hezen Corrective, Hezen Prime, Vega Prohibition, Aphix Invasive, Sol Divisive. Bodies of animate metal with traces of living matter within, the Vex are an enigma, traveling through time and space with their gateways. It

Destiny Focus: The Halo Influence

You can take the Bungie out of Halo, but you’ll never take the Halo out of Bungie. The Halo series will always be one of Bungie’s most crowning achievements regardless of future successes. This was a group of games that not only revolutionized an entire game genre, but also provided us with a science-fiction epic that spanned all manners of media, even coming within a fraction of finally being recognized on the big screen. But although Halo physically lives on in the grateful grasp of 343 industries, its legacy is something that will forever remain encased within the walls of