Empyrean Foundation Quest Guide

So the Empyrean Foundation is finally here and we’re rebuilding it to, presumably, bring back the Trials of Osiris! We’re all very excited to do this, I’m sure (well… most of us), so how do we do it? More importantly, how do we do it quickly and efficiently? Below, I will lay out everything we know for you to consider as you begin rebuilding!

So what is the event, and what do you have to do? Well, Bungie has asked the community to donate Fractaline in amounts shown below:

  • Stage 1: 400,000,000
  • Stage 2: 700,000,000
  • Stage 3: 1,200,000,000
  • Stage 4: ???
  • Stage 5: ???
  • Stage 6: ???
  • Stage 7: ???

To begin donating and investing Fractaline, you must have completed Saint-14’s Cornerstone quest and activated the Tower Obelisk. Once you’ve done that, return to Saint-14, and he’ll provide the Bright Future quest. In Bright Future, you’ll need to kill Inotam in a Sundial run. Follow the steps afterward, and you’ll eventually be able to start donating Polarized Fractaline to the Empyrean Foundation. Here are some notes about Fractaline donation:

  • Donations are 100 Polarized Fractaline at a time
  • Fractaline donation generates 25% progression for Timelost Weapon Bounties in your inventory. This means that you can complete all of your Timelost Bounties for 400 Fractaline.
  • Your Tower Obelisk will generate Polarized Fractaline each week, equal to the Obelisk’s Resonance Power.
  • If you donate more than 5,000 Polarized Fractaline before the end of the Season, you’ll be rewarded with a Triumph and an emblem.

As previously stated, you will get Fractaline back from your existing obelisks based around how much you’ve previously leveled them up. So, you can donate all of your Fractaline, get your Triumphs done and wait for next week’s Fractaline to generate from your Obelisks. Alternatively, if you put all of your Fractaline back into your Obelisks now, you can get even more back later on, which can then be dumped in one go for a mega donation. This appears to be the “most efficient” way to help build back up the Empyrean Foundation, and is a plan recommended by Bungie.

Also, as mentioned before, for every 100 Polarized Fractaline donated to the Empyrean Foundation, you get 25% progress towards any Timelost Weapon Bounties in your inventory. If you have thousands of Fractaline to donate, this means you can complete 4 bounties every 400 Fractaline. These bounties are also worth XP, meaning your Fractaline donations aid the cause, get you weapons, and net XP!

I highly recommend checking out the above video for even more information on how to farm XP through the Empyrean Foundation.

So get out there, Guardians. Whether you invest or donate your Fractaline, play the game the way you see fit! Just make sure you donate at least 5000 Polarized Fractaline by the end of the season (just over 3 weeks away) if you want to get the Triumph!

Let us know in the comments if you have any tips for the Empyrean Foundation event!