Competitive PvP & MLG

On Tuesday, we’re going to see some live competitive PvP @ Gamescom!

See the latest on #Destiny competitive multiplayer at the PlayStation Press Conference from Gamescom. Tune in on August 12th at 11am PST!

— Destiny The Game (@DestinyTheGame) August 6, 2014

Is this event the reason some pros visited Bungie earlier this week? There’s also been pages set up at – so in the future we’ll be able to have tournaments. As stated in this article, and as DeeJ has said himself, if the community wants there to be a competitive scene in Destiny, there absolutely will be.

Michael ‘Flamesword’ Chaves gives us his impressions of Destiny’s Crucible in this interview.

Based, and solely based, on gameplay I think it has an incredible chance to move into eSports as one of the new shooters,” he says. “Of the four maps we got to play in the beta, we got three legit close quarter maps that showed how action-packed and exciting matches could be. The PvP is incredible already and after that is complete there’s only one thing that a game needs to be successful as a shooter in eSports in my opinion and that is maps. It’s safe to say Bungie has that locked down.

One would think there would need to be custom games for MLG – right? When asked about customs, Destiny’s senior environment artist Jason Sussman said in this interview that, “We absolutely want to broaden the multiplayer and we have things ready to go.”