The Guardians at the Head of the Dinner Table

In a Community Spotlight today, DeeJ profiled one of the many new groups springing up now that we’ve actually got to play the game. Dads of Destiny is, surprise, a group of gaming dads looking to play Destiny with other like-minded individuals that have similar schedules and family needs.

As a perfect example of players helping players, and making good use of the new clan and alliance system, Dads of Destiny consists of a main group that everyone is welcome to join and a separate clan for each available platform, even differentiating timezones to optimize clan playtime.

When asked who they were, they said:

We’re a growing collective of dads, granddads, and uncles. Our ages span from 18 – 60 and we share common values. We’re all family-oriented guys who understand that normal day-to-day life comes first and gaming comes second. We are business owners, laborers, investors, doctors, lawyers, bankers, chefs, and artists. We are unique individuals who have come together with a common interest.

We are gamers. We are fathers. We are the Dads of Destiny.


Though little more than four weeks old, they’re already an alliance of more than 10 clans, pulling from a quickly growing group of over 1400 members. They are led by their founder, Kingpin2, as well as Guardian of DCF, Tactical Tbone, Pope Bear, and Stop Shooting Me. Their goal is to offer a place where the dads of the community can come together and talk about Destiny and things common to their own lives, from juggling diapers, to juggling Nova Bombs. Right now they are exclusively dads, but worry not moms! If you wish to form your own Mothers of Destiny clan, there’s a home right next to their mancave, in the alliance.

If your a father, and in that window of precious free time find yourself staring sadly at your stack of games at home, dreaming of Sparrow jumps and Golden Guns, you may want to join up with your fellow “Parental Guardians” at Dads of Destiny and ease your withdrawal together.