All Gold Chest Locations & Dead Ghost Hints

Published on: Sep 7, 2014 @ 15:45 This article contains spoilers! Reddit user DRayX17 graciously provided a list of all of the Gold Chest locations & Dead Ghost hints in the game. This is from the official strategy guide. For video walkthroughs of all the Gold Chests, check out this article. [divider] Tower Dead Ghosts: Number Area Hint 1 Tower Plaza – Tower Watch Hey… Where do these stairs go? 2 Tower North The Speaker knows many secrets. 3 Tower Plaza – Traveler’s Walk “I can see the frontier from here.” 4 Hall of Guardians You passed it on your way in, don’t miss it

Auto Rifle Weapon Guide

My name is Byf takes a look into Destiny’s weapons. In this weapon guide video he covers Rare, Legendary and Exotic Auto Rifles. He also investigates many of the upgrades that can be made to AR’s, as well as what build’s  this weapon excels in with the classes (Hunter/Titan/Warlock). Whilst there is no best weapon or weapon type in Destiny, there are some strong contenders in the AR category. The standard Automatic Rifle is ideal for a number of combat scenarios. The base model features fully-automatic firing, with a rate and duration-of-fire specific to the pressure applied to the trigger. [divider] In other news, Killworthy Gaming has an admittedly controversial video

Hunter Gunslinger Build Guide

ReachForgeNetwork has another great breakdown with his Master at Arms series, this time focusing on the Hunter. He goes over the key multiplayer components for the Hunter Gunslinger subclass in Destiny, and explains long-range tactics and its precision capabilities. If you missed the Titan Class Guide, click here to watch that next.

Titan Class Build Guide

ReachForgeNetwork has another great breakdown, this time focusing on the Titan. He goes over the key multiplayer components for the Titan Striker subclass in Destiny, and explains its close quarters combat strengths. If you missed the Warlock Class Guide, click here to watch that next. [divider] DattoDoesDestiny also has another level 15 subclass breakdown, and talks the Defender Titan. He goes over every skill and talent in detail, and discuss what talents will be the best (and worst) in each aspect of the game. If you missed his Sunsinger Warlock breakdown, click here to watch that next.

Devils’ Lair Strategy Guide

Destiny Beta Gameplay: The Devils’ Lair is the only strike in the beta and probably the first strike in the game. In this first edition of the Guardian Field Guide, DattDoesDestiny goes over all the strategies you’ll want to know to take down the Fallen without hassle. If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to Datto, and share his videos. He also recently took the time to reveal all of the secret locations.

Attack & Impact Rating

Reddit user falconbox thoroughly tested a few weapons, and came to a some conclusions about weapon damage and accuracy, and how the weapon attributes affect these things. Click the images below to enlarge. [divider] Tests Using two different gun types, guns were tested that had the same Impact Rating but different Attack Ratings.   Not every gun type was tested in this manner, but after testing these two I came to the exact same results, and some of these results also hold true in my next text test as well. In this next test, pairs of guns were tested to see which