Auto Rifle Weapon Guide

My name is Byf takes a look into Destiny’s weapons. In this weapon guide video he covers Rare, Legendary and Exotic Auto Rifles. He also investigates many of the upgrades that can be made to AR’s, as well as what build’s  this weapon excels in with the classes (Hunter/Titan/Warlock). Whilst there is no best weapon or weapon type in Destiny, there are some strong contenders in the AR category.

The standard Automatic Rifle is ideal for a number of combat scenarios. The base model features fully-automatic firing, with a rate and duration-of-fire specific to the pressure applied to the trigger.

[divider] In other news, Killworthy Gaming has an admittedly controversial video about Destiny’s religious parallels & influences.

[divider] Remember, Bungie will have their panel tomorrow at PAX. This article will be updated with the full contents of their panel and all of the interesting information that’s released.