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The Daughters of Praedyth (Chapter 6)

Dear Readers, I love playing Destiny but the truly important thing in my life is family. A little over five years ago my son was diagnosed as being Autistic. My family’s life changed dramatically on that day. Today, I’m asking for people to support people to support The Autism Center of North Mississippi. This school takes students regardless of their family’s ability to pay and helps those children make great strides. My son is not a student there so none of this money will go to me or my family. I’m not asking for me, but for parents like me.

Operation Husk

Tala Yaeg, Female Awoken, Titan Operational Assignment: Fireteam Lupercalia (Inactive), Aphrodite Sink, Venus Faction Alignment: Dead Orbit Mission Report: I left Mars at the request of Dead Orbit and on Garren’s recommendation. Operation Kingsfall was a success and the Hive were weak and leaderless. Like most of the factions, we were backing the Vanguard’s follow-up, Operation Husk. They assigned me to Lupercalia 2, under Yorick the Skull. Garren and I had a “thing” back in my early days as a Guardian, or else I would have been in Lupercalia 1, with him. I would be dead, like him. Aphrodite Sink

The Daughters of Praedyth (Chapter 3)

A week went by as Jale, Christina and Sweet Susie prepared for their expedition into the Vault of Glass. They collected weapons and armor from the Cryptarch. They discussed and planned how to traverse the Vault. Christina built them a holographic projector that displayed the known areas of the Vault in three dimensions in their living room. Using the projection as a map they plotted a course and marked areas where they expected particular challenges. The Oracles and the Gorgons might still show up.  No one knew if they would stick around now that Atheon was no more.  The place

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Lore: Exo Stranger & Ishtar Collective

The Vanguard have long dealt with rumors of this Exo from the early days of the City Age. Some Guardians maintain that her appearances are merely apparitions caused by exposure to Vex technology and their ever-present hallucinogenic properties. Others claim that she’s the final member of a long-lost Exo squadron, fighting a war that has since been forgotten to history after the Collapse. However, some individuals that encounter her firmly assert that her presence has averted great catastrophes and she has even saved their lives on multiple occasions. She clearly knows things about our future that we don’t currently know

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Taken King Lore: Warpriest, Worms, & Oryx

Published on: Nov 2, 2015 @ 10:40 Welcome to the Tower Libraries. My name is Marko Suva, researcher of the Tower, and Warlock of the Vanguard. I assist Guardians in obtaining knowledge on obscure, and sometimes dangerous, topics of our knowledge. This is the first entry into a continuous series of reports that I hope will begin to shed some light on recent discoveries. I specialize in compiling research that other Guardians have made regarding the secrets of the Darkness and answering questions surrounding the true nature of the enemies we fight to keep our City safe. Read more Taken King

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Taken King Lore: Ir Anûk and Ir Halak

Oryx’s closest lieutenants, his Daughters,Ir Anûk and Ir Halak. To explain the purposes of both Daughters, we need to explore the reason that Oryx gave creation to both the sisters and their brother, Crota. To this, we delve back into the Books of Sorrow. After a long era of destroying planets, razing worlds and wiping out civilizations, Oryx vowed to return to his throne world and wished to have his own sons and daughters to “love and kill” for the rest of time. What possessed the Taken King to want such a thing? For an individual that had done nothing but