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Taken King Lore: Warpriest, Worms, & Oryx

Published on: Nov 2, 2015 @ 10:40

Welcome to the Tower Libraries. My name is Marko Suva, researcher of the Tower, and Warlock of the Vanguard. I assist Guardians in obtaining knowledge on obscure, and sometimes dangerous, topics of our knowledge.

This is the first entry into a continuous series of reports that I hope will begin to shed some light on recent discoveries. I specialize in compiling research that other Guardians have made regarding the secrets of the Darkness and answering questions surrounding the true nature of the enemies we fight to keep our City safe.

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With the information obtained from the Books of Sorrows, newly-found memories of Dead Ghosts, the deciphered journal of Toland, and the ramblings of the lost Guardian Praedyth, where do we begin? For now, we will look at a close lieutenant of the Taken King, Oryx’s Warpriest, Engineer of Oryx.

To understand the true goals of the Warpriest, we must take a few steps back and examine the relationship that the Hive share with the Worms that they gestate for sustenance. The homeworld of the Hive, a gas giant of 52 moons referred to as “Fundament” in the Books of Sorrows, was home to millions of species. From the Proto-Hive (the species originated elsewhere, but called Fundament home during the rise of Oryx), to the “dragon-wishes” known as the Harmony, to even a species associated with the Traveller, the Ammonites.

Slaves to the planet lived no longer than ten years. Oryx, then named Aurash, sought knowledge to defend her race and seek vengeance for the murder of her father at the hands of the Helium Drinkers. Accompanied by her sisters, Savathun and Xivu Arath, Oryx used a “needle ship” to descend towards the planet’s core. There, she and her sisters came face to face to with the self-proclaimed Worm Gods. Promising power beyond compare, the three sisters accepted a pact to gain the power of Gods and immortality by ingesting the worms. The worms feed on conflict, and are infected with the powers of the Dark. Through the power of the three sisters, the Hive came to be, and they too were enslaved by the hunger of the Worms.

Over time, Oryx grew hateful of the Worm. The Taken King wished to free himself of the bonds of the Worm and wished to gain “freedom” again. After reassurance from the Worm however, Oryx seemed placated, but the very existence of the Warpriest seems to suggest that Oryx still searches for a way to free himself from the hunger of the Worms that still consumes him to this day.

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Careful… do not allow yourself to sympathize with the plight of Oryx and the Hive. They will not hesitate to devour or take you to please their masters; such is the order of the tithing. While Oryx may be searching for a way to combat the hunger Worms, they have battled with and sought to snuff out the Light for 10,000 years. You are but a speck to them, a tiny obstacle on their path to finally achieving their goal: the destruction of the Traveller and the end of the Light. You stand in front of an enemy that has annihilated countless worlds and taken more individuals than I care to comprehend. The Warpriest has been by Oryx’s side for ages and is one of his most trusted commanders; trusted engineer and warrior.

You cannot face this challenge alone. The Warpriest will only face those he deems worthy enough to challenge him. You will need to face many trials that lie ahead of you in the depths of the Dreadnaught just to gain the favor of an audience with the eons-old warrior. Do not underestimate the power that the Warpriest holds. It is said that he, through the works of Crota and his sisters Ir Anuk and Ir Halak, the Warpriest has obtained an Oversoul, an Oculus as to which he refers to it. You are a veteran of the raid on Luna, but the Warpriest has perfected the use of his Oculus. His power will seek out your light and destroy you if you do not protect yourself from it. Do not let yourself be blinded by bravado in this fight, or it will mean your end.

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Oryx seeks to end our Light because he sees it as an imperfection in an otherwise perfect universe. Oryx hates us because we possess what he does not: freedom. We protect the liberty that generations of Guardians have fought so hard to maintain.

Stay safe on the Dreadnaught. The horrors you will face surmount those you encountered on Luna. The spawn of Oryx will not hesitate to destroy you, and you shall give them no respite.

We will discuss more on the Hive and the Lieutenants of Oryx in the next report.


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