Bungie’s Full GDC Presentation

We have seen leaked slides and details for the past few weeks, but now we finally have the chance to view Bungie’s “Building customizable characters” presentation in full. The presentation is fairly technical, but does give some good insight into how you can customize your guardians.


Full presentation:

Or watch it on GDC’s website.


Also here are some key points that reddit user Fuzzle_hc pointed out:

  • distinctive colors and shapes of the gear will let you immediately see the tier of equipment (http://imgur.com/a/elUnW[1]  in this album you can see the level cap of Destiny but it’s not high enough res)
  • players will still be able to customize their gear (color?) in some way
  • artists design the gear by using building blocks of various shapes (bits) or arrangements of bits by meshing them together
  • the specific armor slot for the warlock (like cape for the hunter) is an armband
  • design tools allow instant animation of the character to check if arrangements work
  • no random unique gear like in borderlands, everything is handcrafted
  • in the future: they’ll eventually implement a system for player-created custom decals