The Beta is Live!

Playstation users, why are you here? You should be playing the Destiny beta right now. Although in all seriousness, the beta has officially launched and is ready for you to explore.

After you download the beta (14.3 GB, Codes here) ¬†make sure to delve deep into the world of Destiny. If you’re unsure of where to begin, I recommend blasting your way through the story mode to give you some insight into Destiny’s lore. Or maybe you’re the competitive type, in which case you may want to jump right into the Crucible for some PvP madness.


Helpful Links

In any case, here are some important links you may want to check out to maximize your beta experience. Be safe Guardians, remember to eat, sleep, and stay hydrated.

How to Stream Beta Gameplay  from Your Console

PvP Crucible Tips

Crucible Gametype List

Companion Mobile App Walkthrough

How Light Adds to Your Level Cap

Weapons from the Alpha

Armor from the Alpha